Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios




Yeah, the dino-rawr vfx were weak.

I’d much rather have some weird Euro narrating this. LiftingNerdBro is between Path leagues, right? I’m sure he could use an extra $500, heh.


I thought that was the best bit of a not very good narration, and series thereof.

Still, Paradox seem to like the lady speaking.


To be fair, I despise this style of narration so even if it were well done, I’d hate it.


Funny how the starting animation looks like something out of Endless Legend, but not quite as good. And the Amazon concept itself feels a bit like that too, but I might be overthinking it.


Amazon developer gameplay stream next Thursday!


Yep, I thought the same thing. I prefer the narrator for Civ’s “First Look” previews.

I actually kinda liked the dino-waves, heh. On a related topic: did you say there would be less “magic” (er, “ops” or whatever) in this game than in Age of Wonders? I hope not, because I like that feature of AoW3 – a game I’ve otherwise bounced off of about 5 times. I’m giving it a 6th try now, lol.


Is that directed at me?

I don’t think it’s less as such and more that it’s gated a bit more.

In the videos, I haven’t seen a version of hero caging spells, nor any mention of it anywhere.

I think therefore your “magic” is strategic points and tactical points, but 2 separate pools.

And therefore I suspect the really powerful stuff will be expensive.

I also suspect that pricing and making and effects will be easily moddable, but that hero’s not being casters will not.

ALSO, has anyone noticed that your heroes now WALK?

And mounts (vehicles for everyone and actual mounts for Amazons obviously) are in the game?


Ah yes, sorry, it was you who discussed spells earlier. So the same amount of “spells”, but we’ll have to earn them more gradually, through a tech tree or leveling or whatnot?


Yeah, you research them just like in AoW but unlike AoW, your tech tree has lots of other things in it to research, like weapon mods or core upgrades to your empire, so you won’t always be researching a new spell (like you mostly do in AoW3).


Got it; thanks.

I like the look of the tech tree. And more broadly, I like the direction this game seems to be taking. Sci-fi is my thing, so the theme also appeals to me.


They seem to have upped the art a bit – no more dead stares from the characters. I approve.

This looks pretty good.


Some “social media” goodies can be gotten by signing up (with more goodies unlocked with every subscription). Just takes an email and signing into the Paradox account, looks like.

Looks like if you sign up you get a few cosmetic goodies for hero creation, as well as a few OST tracks and forum badges.


Is this just a matter of hitting the link and signing in? If so, done!!



I see our efforts have paid off, as the next unlock has… er, unlocked.


That pic reminds me of Steamworld Heist.


Makes me think of odd world odyssey.


Oh! I thought the Amazon gameplay stream was today, but it was yesterday! So I don’t have to wait, I can watch it right now!

Edit: Starts 26 minutes in, FYI


I really like the way this game looks and feels, even more with every new video we get to see. But. I do have concerns over the readability of the battlefield.

About 40 or so minutes into the video. I’ve felt the units were hard to distinguish against the cluttered (but great looking and tactical) battle maps since the first time we saw the game, and it is better when viewing the game in motion but not a lot better. I have a feeling I’m going to constantly put a unit in a bad spot by accident not noticing/forgetting some enemy unit nearby.

Maybe the game should be played from a more top-down ish angle? Maybe it can be. But every time I watch @Lennart_Sas play it’s this somewhat horizontal angle, so I assume that’s the default/possibly only way to view the battlefield?

Compare it to the AoW III battle field, with it’s bigger unit banners and leaner/less cluttered view:


I think it looks fine but perhaps suffers from the complexity versus the zoom level. Every unit in line of sight is tagged but the colors of the tags could use some pop. As it stands for that fight it kind of blends in with the colors of the background.