Agents of Mayhem - Volition's post Saints IP


Love Hollywood, always have him in my team. Daisy almost feels like cheating. Third spot varies. Granted I only play on difficulty 6-7 depending on who is with me and which level they have.

I wish I could make Oni work, but so far he just dies a lot and simply can’t compete damage wise.


cdkeys is about a buck fifty cheaper.


There’s a car in a parking garage that I need to retrieve but it’s in one of those car elevator thingies and I have no idea how to get it out.


To me it seems like a bug, some kind of issue with their audio mixing. For example if I hassle an NPC I can hear them veeerrrrry faintly mouthing off at me. Possibly a lot of the ambient audio falls into this same category!

They have a few different mixes in the options, like Game, Theatre, etc, but they don’t seem to do much.


Thank god I’m not the only one experiencing this? Its like everything is super subdued, and far away - this is on PS4 pro.


Against my better judgement (sort of like sticking my head in the P&R forum here LOL) I went ahead and purchased this.

I have 15 hours in and only now at 15 hours do I start to see some of the paint peeling off the nice exterior. But I haven’t uncovered anything that wasn’t already stated in the numerous reviews, I guess I just don’t see it as harshly as other reviewers did.

The characters, GI Joe shtick, cutscenes, story and overall campy humor are quite good which is no surprise. The synergy (or lack thereof) between the various characters is fun to play around with as well. The city design is serviceable, but not as horrid as others have said. And I never really had a problem with situational awareness maybe because I knew what to look for on the screen regarding taking hits, etc.

What is horrid though, is the absolute repetition of the missions that aren’t story missions. I see why people nailed this title pretty hard on this one thing. They are literally the same mission copypasta style over and over and over. Endless bases with the same few rooms reused ad infinitum. This is what is dragging the game down for me heavily.

The strength of the story and characters has me slogging through but man the mission design is so uninspired by comparison. I also would not have been happy with this as a full price title. I got it for about US $40 so at that price point I can’t complain.


I totally understand what you’re saying, but it’s puzzling to me why this bothers people. I don’t do the lair missions to discover the lair. I do them to level my characters and especially to get the legion tech. And the rooms are’t literally copypasted; they vary enough by whichever enemies, traps, layout, and objective are randomly put together. Some rooms I can literally walk through (I’ve come across room where “get to the next room” is the entirety of the objective!). Some turn out to be intricate puzzles where I have to work my way around the turrets and floor mines and lightning gates to take out the bufftrooper so I can kill the commander. Some rooms have nice goodies in secret areas.

It’s like the various dungeons and side rooms in Diablo. I never go into the mouth of a random cave in Diablo to explore the level design. I go in there to get the treasure chest at the end.



But the loot in Diablo had value (or at least, a chance at value) whereas the loot in AoM is forgettable. Unless it’s a sexy skin, I totally don’t care about it. A character I don’t play gets an ability that does X debuff in lieu of Y debuff? Ok, snore.


I’m inferring from your “snore” that you’re not really into the combat system. Which is okay, but if you’re not into the combat system, you obviously won’t like the loot. The legion tech has a very definite place in the overall scheme of things. It picks up where the gadgets leave off, it’s one of the main resource sinks, it has a fundamental place in character builds, and the elite tech even switches up the entire paradigm. I guess you might call legion tech the endgame content. Frankly, I’ve been more excited by legion tech than anything I’ve ever found in a chest in Diablo III.



Does anyone else find it unusually easy to completely whiff a melee attack in this game?


Yes and no. The big bruiser dudes like the Iceman and Hardtack (shotgun guy), I do miss often but I sort of think that may be by design. They are big and slow so some of the bad guys juke and move before I connect.

On the flip side of that though… the ninja chick is wow… like liquid death. Of course her whole shtick is melee but she is so good it makes it hard to want to play anybody else. I feel like a combo of Wolverine and Nightcrawler when I am playing her, just a flurry of blades, teleportation, and death.


After reading this thread - I don’t think this sounds like a horribad game, but I think I’ll wait until the Steam winter sale to buy it. Just doesn’t seem like a full-price buy for me.

Still hoping they do an actual Saints’ Row sequel w/ the characters from 3/4, even if - given the ‘canon’ ending from GooH - it’s more like this (good guys) than a gang.

I miss Kinzie.


I know people have different opinions, not liking certain games, etc etc etc, but this is one of those games where when i see lower than 7/10 in a review, I just lose my mind. Volition is the last of the old mid ‘B’ developers (not indie, not AAA somewhere inbetween) that DOES try to do something different but stay within popular genres. This game, when you get down to it, provides lots of GREAT combat with different characters. My point being, they always seem to be one game close to being done…and I hope this game is NOT there last.

Also, I’m tired of the gaming critics shoveling the same shit as great with 9/10 or 10/10. And fuckshits like at Polygon, that fucking website I just want to smash that pretentious piece of shit fucking site, gives it a 5/10. Normally I could care less, I didn’t even bat an eyelash with the Mass Effect Andromeda fiasco, a game I liked. I guess I just want MORE games like Agents of Mayhem, but its obvious the fucking gaming critics (and public) don’t. SO DAMN ANNOYING. Can’t always get what you want i guess… makes me pissed!

BTW Kinzie is supposedly planned as a DLC character… Safeword? so I hear. At least that will be cool, as well as a few other SR characters.


Question about the humor in the game: In the launch trailer, the humor consists of characters saying stuff like “Fuck you!” when they kill someone. One character says “I call that a Chicago Deep Dish” when they kill someone. Would you say that is a fair description of the dialogue in the game?


There’s a skin based on Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. There’s also a bit of subtle humor too. That kind of stuff just doesn’t do well on commercials.

It’s like Saints Row, to me, at the end of the day


It’s a fair description of the dialogue of one of the agents. The other 12 have their own style.


I got no comment on the comedy of the game I haven’t played. All I’m saying is that at some point the guy or gal making that trailer was like “we need some awesome line to really seal the deal on this trailer, to really bring it all together”, and that was where they landed. It doesn’t inspire confidence.


Are there more skins in the game beyond the half-dozen I can see locked in the character select screen at the start of the game? People keep talking about cool skins but these ones just seem like different color schemes.


What you see is what is there. Most are simple recolours but AFAIK each has at least one cool looking skin that is an homage to some comic hero or the like.


Coolstorybro. The guy right above you just replied in no uncertain terms that the “potty humor” the franchise is somewhat famous for is limited to a few characters out of 12. If you need more than that I’d suggest not buying it and moving on to something that will cause less existential angst.