Agents of Mayhem - Volition's post Saints IP


Wait, Hollywood is there but Rama isn’t?

It’s like I don’t even know you.


Rama doesn’t know how to not die. So she got benched.

Hollywood on the other hand , jukes around the map dropping mini nukes and is awesome.


Thanks. I always am curious. I think, largely, we succeeded in providing choices that mean something to different players. Whether due to style of play, personality, or whatever.

For my home playthrough, I still took Oni to 40 (he’s my favorite; I find him unstoppable), but picked up Kingpin and Joule to super level. I’ll admit; I’d never really explored Joule too much, just enough for surface level knowledge. Now, though, she’s one of my favorites. She’s especially useful if I’m in some random lair room filled with low level baddies and feel lazy. I can just turret up and kind of sit there.

EDIT: When I played at work with debug cheats, I will admit I usually played as Redcard, even though I suck as him. Mostly because I couldn’t die, could pass missions at the touch of a button, and absolutely loved his mission dialogue. His potato lines during Heaven Sent 1 still kill me.


Truth. I love Rama, but god damn she dies all the time.


Hello forum, long time listener first time poster.

I completed an outpost this evening, which causes the enemies to despawn and then the task complete screen to appear. A few moments after I cleared the screen, Rama dies to nothing.

I just hit 90 hours played according to Steam and I’m still running into new (to me) PSAs as I load into the Ark. Just got the 15 connected contracts cheevo. Yay!


Just a reminder: Daisy air-humps her minigun.


Unfortunately, I was one of the ones affected. Fourteen years and now … this …

You’ll probably see me in the “Just lost job” thread soon.


I’m really sorry to hear that.


I’m really, really sorry to hear that. Both because I’m a long time fan of Volition games, but also because it affected you personally. :(


Ug. That just sucks.

Hopefully you will be posting in the ‘interesting thing that happened to me’ thread soon after with news about a new position.


Jesus. Sorry, man. That sucks.

I’m hoping you bounce back soon.


I’m so sorry :(


Damn, nijimeijer, 14 years is enormous. I can hardly imagine how tough it must be to stomach the news. So sorry. All the best - here’s to a speedy new gig at another place…


Ha, I’m obviously in shock. It’s been thirteen years. I can’t do math when I’m stunned.


Damn! Really sorry to hear this, that seriously sucks :(


I am incredibly sorry to hear that. 13 years is a long time. I sincerely hope you find a new road soon that brings you joy (and money! ;))

I am also sorry because Agents of Mayhem was unfairly trashed imho…


I hope you land on your feet man. I was really saddened by this news, AoM is an instant classic for me, I am so baffled by the reception and sales.


So sorry to hear that, man.


I’m so sorry to hear that - I hope you’ll find something soon. 13 years at one company is a real credit in a millennial world of in-and-outers and that really stands out.


Sorry to hear that. I know my facebook feed is full of openings at other studios looking to help Volition folks affected by this.