Agents of Mayhem - Volition's post Saints IP


$20, that was fast…


And purchased. I have no time to play it, but I sure want to, and that’s a good sale.


I’m not sure they needed to jump that low already but it is certainly the case for me that $60 was too much to take a chance on mixed reviews.


I was planning on making Agents of Mayhem one of my first games when I finally picked up a PS4 Pro later this year, but 20 bucks is really cheap.

How is the PC port? Does this game do anything that would make me sad to skip the HDR?


I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what HDR is… but the PC version has been great from what I’ve played. Pretty quick load times, no crashes, high frame-rate. I own a PS4 and do not regret getting it on PC.


I’m counting on this game dropping to $20 for PS4 soon enough. I’m hovering over it like a vulture.


The PC version has HDR.


JFC how hard is this to figure out. Build Saints Row 5, not whatever the hell Agents of Mayhem was trying to be.


Sure, but my PC’s monitor doesn’t. My TV does.

I haven’t played it yet, but I’m glad they did something different. Gat Out of Hell just felt unnecessary and I feel like SR had seen itself to the logical conclusion after 4.


This is completely nonsensical; like saying Grand Theft Auto had seen itself to a logical conclusion after GTA2, GTA3, GTA4, or GTA5.


Why does there always need to be more? What does GTA have left to say or do or show?

GTA changes viewpoints and settings and time periods, so they’ve got that. But Saints Row just escalates. And after you’ve had the president beat up the aliens as a super hero, that narrative path seems pretty played out.


So there was literally nowhere to go with the Saints Row story? That seems very difficult to believe. Bad news, everyone! The human race ran outta stories!


That’s very much not what I said.

Sure, they could have slapped something on. That’s exactly what they did with Gat Out of Hell, and it was… not great.

I don’t understand why genre fiction has this expectation that all stories should continue forever. That’s how you get the billionth Shannara novel, the drift of Rainbow Fairy books in my kid’s bedrooms, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Did you play Gat Out of Hell? As Chris points out, I think it showed the limits of what a Saints Row 5 would be. It was a cute but silly attempt to turn an 11 up to a 12. So instead of trying to turn a 12 up to a 13, Agents of Mayhem changed up the formula a bit. They went from a once-and-done one-man open world game and made an action RPG in an open-world with a really imaginative riff on superheroes and a three-character loadout.

I mean, I don’t make games, so maybe it’s just a failure of imagination on my part, but I can’t imagine what a straight-up Saints Row 5 would look like. Do you have any sense for what that would have been like? Would you have just wanted the same gameplay in another city?



I’m not sure where a full Saints Row V could go, but I think a lot of the issue with Gat Out of Hell was the budget. I mentioned this before, but it was very obvious that Gat Out of Hell, despite the wonderful musical bit, was a pretty modestly budgeted affair. It just felt cheap in areas. Cut & paste buildings, muddy textures, repetitive activities, and cutscenes that were replaced with “motion comic” interludes as the game went on.

Frankly, I saw some of that in Agents as well, and I liked Agents.


Gat Out of Hell was a glorified expansion, not a standalone game. It was quite clear about this. If you expected a full blown experience, that’s on you @tomchick. It was not a numbered “Saint’s Row”, but a follow on, add-on, reduced price game which was clearly an expansion in a different package. Hell the price reflected this at $19.99!

And for the record, I got a shitload more enjoyment out of Gat out of Hell at $20 than I ever did out of Agents of Meh-hem at $59.99.


I just don’t know where you go from Gat Out of Hell with the story. Maybe go with the time travel thing from the SR4 credits?


Check and mate.


I think you’re misunderstanding me. I’m just asking what you would expect in a Saints Row 5. Gat Out of Hell was smaller in terms of content, sure, and I’m fine with that. I liked it just fine! But it demonstrated that Volition was kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel at that point. So, uh, President of the World, then Redeemer of the Universe, then Avenger of the Afterlife…now what?

So instead of doing, I dunno, Saints Row in the Fourth Dimension or whatever, they attempted a different kind of game (action RPG with a three-character loadout) with the same tone and style. You’re saying you just wanted Saints Row 5, and I’m genuinely curious what you think that might have looked like.

Heh, I like this. Gat and Kinsey’s Excellent Adventure.



Even Agents of Saints Row would have been better, I think. Let me play as a Saints Row energy drink at least!

Saints Row was a lot of things but it was never generic, and Agents was just so goddamn generic at everything.