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Whereas people cast as members of a high school rock band are usually in their twenties.


Enh, aside from the reality of TV prettiness, what are they supposed to look like? Here are some pics of real people taken from the FBI website, three special agents, one intelligence analyst (The CIA website is unsurprisingly, way more coy about posting people's pictures):

Yes, I deliberately picked the youngest looking ones, but the point stands, there's no inherent reason why SHIELD Agents shouldn't look like grad students or interns or whatever.


Full trailer:


That's looking really good. And while it was inevitable that cast members of previous Whedon endeavors would be onboard, I was psyched to see Gunn from Angel as the super.


Okay, that looked awesome. And yay, I was happy to see J. August Richards as well. :)


Warning: Hype Level - Dangerous. I better stop reading about this before I wish my entire summer away.


"Don't touch Lola." :-D

And Amy Acker too. Okay, I'm in.


Amy Acker is not in this, at least not yet.


Who was the actress that looked and sounded like her?


You guys know Ming Na is 49 right?



Number 5 looks creepily like Kim Jong Un.


Someone who is not Amy Acker (who is busy being in Person of Interest).


Now, the question is....who is he? Luke Cage, perhaps? A new character created for this series? A more obscure Marvel super? Can't wait for fall!


So this is going to be Alphas, but with better everything.


The super hardcore comics heads are saying they think he'll be an adapted version of a character named Rage.


Man, I miss Alphas. I know we are better off in a world where Agents of SHIELD by Whedon exists, of course, but I really, really liked Alphas and what that show was doing.


Not to be snarky, but I don't think anyone on the show looks or sounds remotely like her. Do you mean the woman in the van? That's someone named Chloe Bennett.


Man that would have been awesome if that was Luke Cage..

--- Alan


I don't think there was another SHIELD thread. The show's been mentioned in the Avengers film thread and in the fall TV lineup thread, but I thought that it deserved a dedicated one now that it's about to air.
-Dave Markell, from the other SHIELD thread

Looks up a few messages and spots a post from you. Ahhhhh, after the whole Neil Armstrong fiasco, it feels good that I'm not the only one losing his mind. ;-)