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Thinking over it there is a Tony Stark reference late in the episode that could be considered a spoiler, though again it is something so very vague with no details and occurs early in the film - also there is a much deeper reveal of the same thing with the two sentence lead-in synopsis at IMDB. Very harmless, imho.


I wouldn’t recommend seeing this week’s episode without having seen the movie first. There are actually several Age of Ultron spoilers in this week’s AoS episodes (Scars), two of which are minor and one of which would ruin a bit of enjoyment:

Age of Ultron reveals in Agents of Shield

[spoiler]First, the location and level of threat of the final battle. Not such a big deal.

Second, the fact that it was Tony Stark that created Ultron without the other Avengers being on board. Also not a big deal, pretty much assumed.

Finally, that “Theta Protocol” was the hidden Helicarrier, and that was a cool surprise during the final Avengers 2 scene, so kinda sucky to spoil.[/spoiler]


On the above list of spoilers, didn’t the first Avengers movie have a [SPOILER=]heli something or other? And didn’t Winter Soldier have similar?[/SPOILER]

So that doesn’t really count as a spoiler, to me. I guess technically it is but to me it’s not the same thing.



The first Avengers movie had a Helicarrier, but we didn’t know what happened to it once SHIELD was shut down in Captain America: Winter Soldier (the other carriers destroyed at the end of that movie were a newer, different kind). So it was sort of a surprise if you’ve been following the Agents of SHIELD TV show that Fury still has access to it when he shows up in his helicarrier in Age of Ultron. If you’re only following the movies, it’s probably less of a shock since the films barely address the absence of SHIELD (the agencey) that SHIELD (the show) has been operating in for about a season.


Sure, the first Avengers movie had the helicarrier, but in Captain America: The Winter Soldier SHIELD nearly kills a lot of people with 3 new automated helicarriers. After that, SHIELD broke up and we hadn’t heard anything about them controlling any helicarriers anymore, since as far as we knew as show watchers, the carriers were snagged by the US military and SHIELD was considered to be disbanded by the public. The movie reveals that SHIELD is still in public operation in a way, and Fury is still in control of a helicarrier. All I know is that when it suddenly appeared in the sky next to the floating town, I was definitely happily surprised and thought it was cool. It would not have been a game ender if I’d know it prior to seeing the movie, but it would have taken a nice surprise away.

[EDIT] And it looks like Wholly beat me to the punch by a few seconds! :)


Great episode, though the end scene in the Inhuman base killed me. Why, why? Why go down that road? Ugh, I hate when TV people are dumb :(


I was surprised by the ending myself. I get that an action series needs, well, action, but to have the leader of the Inhumans throw her people into an avoidable conflict like that didn’t feel right. She’s spent decades keeping them hidden so that human numbers didn’t swamp them. A reasonable man looking to negotiate breaks the cordon, and her response is to provoke battle? Dumb indeed.


I’m not sure she was dumb. I don’t think for one moment that Gonzales was trustworthy or going to do anything other than betray them.

I’m also, at this point, just about prepared to write Agent Melinda May off as a traitor. Not happy with their [I]Civil War[/I] harbinger stuff there,. but I get the slow burn behind it.

I also have my doubts about the good luck charm. Something going on there. It was not what it appeared to be and was a tracking device, as I suspect Sky will discover later on, to muddy the waters even further.

The irony is that Rainna was telling the truth.

I love this show!


Oh yeah! All your posts reminded me that they called them Inhumans quite specifically this week. I guess they’ve decided to stop tiptoeing around it.

And I think we’re going to be seeing Cal in full Mr. Hyde mode shortly. His vials of serum were all empty.


Dang, that was a rather sudden ending.


No, I think May is a rock of the show. In the end Coulson and May will be left standing. I would look for the tension between May and Skye to get resolved to some degree.

I thought Olmos would get it in the finale. Missed it by that much…

I think Cal is going to be a force for good.

I think the real bets are who is going to finish off Ward. May? Coulson? Gemma? Fitz? Skye? He has made a lot of friends. I doubt Ward sees season 3.


I hope Ward makes it. He’s a survivor. It’s also nice to have villains that are not part of some monolithic organization.

Cal is a nut, though it does appear to be that he is increasingly unstable the more of his Potion/serum that he consumes, and becomes more stable the less he consumes it and goes cold turkey.


I think in well written shows people are true to the nature. Ward for instance, he’s still Ward. Raina may not have been telling the entire truth, I wouldn’t rush to embrace her as on the Inhuman side(if I was an Inhuman). One reason is her visions aren’t exactly clear point by point. Another is she could alter people’s reactions by merely leaving out bits. Jiaying is absolutely and completely opposed to indexing. I can believe she’d do just about anything to stop that from happening. The peace deal offered was “We index all of you, then…” so it was unacceptable even if it was sincere. Gonzales prides himself on being sneaky, that gift was something sneaky no doubt. Not necessarily bad, but sneaky. I think May is a good guy, but she has paid a high price to do as much as she has for them, including Coulson, so it really irks her to be treated like anyone else(ie not entirely trusted). I expect her to continue to be a good guy but more cynical now.

Cal is nuts, he’s going to do nutty things. It could be anything, he’s like their Joker, an agent of chaos. He’s also anti-indexing so he’s firmly if somewhat uncontrollably on Jiaying’s side. He’s not on that ship to surrender. Poor Daisy is caught in the middle of all this trying to reconcile both sides, sorry but you have to choose one side or the other. I’d choose the Inhuman side if I was her. The indexing thing makes no sense in any nonhostile way. So you know all the Inhumans and all their powers. That helps you stop them how? That protects regular people how? It doesn’t. Daisy can still collapse a mountain whether you know she can or if you don’t know. It does help in one way- to act against the Inhumans in a peremptory way. Take them into custody, ‘cure’ them, remove their powers, even kill them. None of these things is a positive for the Inhumans.


So, I’ll put my bet on this season finale’s shocker:

Cal rages out and kills Daisy in his madness.



The indexing thing makes no sense in any nonhostile way. So you know all the Inhumans and all their powers. That helps you stop them how? That protects regular people how? It doesn’t.

I wont get into the political or moral ramifications but indexing helps in the same way that gun registration helps. Inhumans are for the most part walking weapons. If that weapon goes off it helps to be able to identify the owner. Whether you agree with weapons registration or not, there is logic to it.


I’m just saying, using your gun analogy, that the person killed by that gun is still dead. The crime was not prevented at all by the gun registration. The public was not the least bit safer because that list existed. And, depending on who possessed the gun during the crime and how he or she got it, knowing who the registered owner is might do nothing to solve the crime. However, having a list of gun owners and what kind of guns they own does help anyone who’d like to act against those owners at some future time.

Substitute Inhumans for guns and you have the same thing. The index helps humans but does nothing positive for Inhumans, it’s very one sided that way. If I was an Inhuman I’d not want to be part of it.


Ah, The way you originally worded things, you seemed to be speaking in absolutes. I didn’t understand that you were using the Inhumans point of view to frame the morality of indexing. Without a doubt, Inhumans would be against indexing and rightfully so. As far as Jiaying’s personal motivations, I posted this in April over on OO

Skyes mom is a easy one to figure out seeing as she was once sliced and diced and experimented on, had body parts removed and tested and was finally tossed in the trash, dismembered. I can see her having a pretty extreme attitude after what she went through. She probably does not look upon the human race as the good guys. Things involving her are not likely to end well.
I wasn’t surprised at all when she turned on Morales. I don’t think the mention of indexing changed her endgame at all, it was merely a convenient trigger at the time. She was always headed in this direction, where humans were concerned.


Still surprising that the inhuman leader turned out to be sadistic, taunting Adama while he was dying. Cold and cruel. Hope she’s immolated by Mockingbird


I hope I don’t ruin the show for anyone who hasn’t noticed this, but it’s driving me kind of bonkers that they can’t keep Raina’s contact lenses pointed in the same direction.