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Yes i noticed that last episode as well. When they are shooting her face at an angle, it looks worse.


It’s deliberate. One of her eyes is gazing INTO THE FUTURE!!! Dun dun dun.


So, we’re at Senator Kelly’s McCarthyesque speech to Jean Grey from Xmen 2000 in 12 seconds flat. The political and moral ramifications are the very essence of the issue. Whether it’s the Mutants or the Inhumans.

And it’s that central moral debate which makes this theme worth revisiting, again – and again – and again.


Hmm. See, I hated Gonzales and just saw him as another disloyal traitor to SHIELD who has maneuvered the situation and forced Coulson out of that chair so that he could control the meeting in order to provoke a response so as to justify his sudden (but inevitable) betrayal. Gonzales had already set up the Inhumans’ base for attack. He was just busy getting the excuse to do it. Turns out, he bit off more than he could chew. Gonzales had no claim to have suffered from Whitehall as Jiaying had. She was right; it wasn’t even close.

So while it was wrong to hit him with the terragen mist, it also kinda felt like justice; or at least, like he was getting the comeuppance he so richly deserved.


Well, I was either totally wrong or way too early with my prediction that we’d see civil war between the two SHIELDs over the registration issue. Still could happen down the road, but right now every SHIELD agent (except maybe Daisy, if she still considers herself as such) seems firmly behind getting everyone on the index.

I can’t say I was surprised that the Inhumans decided to fight rather than submit to indexing, and if I were in their position I’d probably feel the same way. The way it happened, though, that was a surprise for me. I’d expected them to let Raina work her manipulation and drop everyone’s fat in the fire that way. Glad I was wrong, it’s much more interesting this way.

Looking forward to seeing full-on-Hyde Cal next week. All those empty vials! Hope he goes out in a blaze of glory.

Also, I miss Mack already.


I hadn’t considered her being anti-human, but now that you mention it I see it could be that. Not all humans get sliced and diced though, just the special powered ones, I think she’d know that. So that’s why I thought it was more knowing that her kind are targeted, not that humans as such are bad guys. The Inhumans are the minority being oppressed by the majority, that’s the idea I was going with. Proof would be the negotiation, where the terms started with the assumption that indexing was going to happen or else. That implies that humans believe they can dictate the terms, which is a very hostile attitude to take. There’s more of us, less of you would be the source of their leverage.


Cal should have a spin-off series, and maybe his own Netflix series, and maybe a nine picture movie deal.


I am sure Kyle MacLachlan is all for that.


As it turned out it wasn’t much of a spoiler, and wasn’t very accurate either since Coulson was not even in the movie.

From the conversation, I expected the Inhumans’ gift to Gonzales to be a yellow Star of David…


Last chance to predict who lives and who dies.


Nobody dies. Trip most likely candidate though, unless you’re talking side characters like evil-May clone


I think they might be tempted to kill off Raina because her power is kind of, well, powerful. Seeing the future makes her a huge target for both sides assuming it becomes common knowledge to everyone. All she has to do is sprinkle her predictions with just enough truth to ensure her credibility, then she can twist it to suit her own ends. Her manipulations would know no bounds.


Trip already died, talk about taking a safe bet…


Kick ass Finale.

Never would have predicted who saved the day…


Good call there. It seemed a little odd that she’d go quietly to a meeting that she knew would result in her own death, but I assume that’s why they had all the talk about how she’s the gateway to Skye’s future. Apparently dead Raina had to happen, and she saw that and let it play out.

Yep, they did this one up right, though I was mildly disappointed that no one else of consequence died. (Well, presuming Simmons isn’t dead, and that’s next season’s plot anyway.) Especially that Ward still lived. Was really hoping May would get her chance to put him down and we could get rid of him. Oh well, maybe as the new Hydra big bad he’ll be interesting.

Plenty of injuries, though. Dearming Coulson was a surprise, because when he caught that crystal I was thinking “oh he’ll be fine since he has that Kree blood in him”. Whoops, not so much, good thing there’s a big guy with an axe handy…

I really like what they did with Cal, although I wasn’t horribly impressed with the Hyde version of him. Thought they’d juice him up more. The whole resolution of that little dysfunctional family was very well done, though.

Very cool bit at the end with the crystal->seawater->fish->your local grocery sequence. I assume they’ll have some sort of technobabble next season to explain how it was diluted just enough to keep people from turning to rock from the inside, but still trigger occasional power changes.


That was possibly the best season finale ever, at least I can’t remember the last one so good. To be honest I thought Shield would be the ones to off Raina, but then I didn’t see Jiaying as being that evil. If she wanted to protect her people a seer might be useful, whereas Shield might think Raina tipped the balance too much. Then again, I didn’t think Raina would really push her buttons either. In fact I felt sorry for Raina because I think she foresaw her own death and her inability to change it. She knew stopping Jiaying from having that meeting, and then Daisy believing her vision were the only things that could save her. She also knew she had zero chance to do either.

My favorite moment was when May said the part about “until you see my face” because I knew what she was doing and it was a slick move, although I didn’t know how exactly it would play out. Both setup and payoff were excellent.

The only fly in the ointment? The end. Slapstick clumsiness then, and in that area, next to THAT thing?!?! That’s just poor writing and it wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the rest of this episode.


My only quibble is, after the conversation, I would have liked Fitz to quickly, shyly, kiss Simmons before going into battle…

Speaking of romance, is Lightening Lad going to come back as a love interest for Skye next season?


Watched for the first time in a while. Just not into Skye as a focal point. Kyle maclacjkan stole the show. Tough for a series when the best characters are the big bad each season that exit in the finale. Arrow. had similar problem in season 2. Like the Ward and Bobbi interaction. I like Ward’s arc because the descent to evil is pretty compelling and seems a logical step.

I wonder When they planned Ward to be Coulson gone bad. Because as I recall, Coulson has rejected the brutal Shield utilitarian view that Morse endorsed. Coulson risks many lives to save one he cares about. Whereas traditional Shield kills individuals for the good of the whole(ie that Ward fitz suicide episode from season 1).

Bummed Ruth Nagi is gone as I enjoyed the arc of Raina but inevitable given her precog powers


I do wonder if Jiaying comes back.

If you can survive being cut into little pieces, you can survive being crushed.

They need to find someone to kill feeders for her to do it though. Ward??

BTW, I was amused at Professor Coulson forming the Inhu-men…


That and Jiaying definitely wasn’t/isn’t playing the role of Magneto. Nope, entirely different.

I did really enjoy the finale. Who would’ve thought this would end up being my favorite show on TV.