Agents of Shield - Joss Whedon, Marvel, and ABC


Just got an email - season 2 now on Netflix.


I read an article, I forget where, that talked about Marvel’s moves in movies and tv. The gist of it was the movie people(including producers) want nothing to do with the tv side, they would rather there wasn’t a tv side of things to begin with. Meanwhile, the tv actors are desperately hoping to be brought into the movie side. Disney and Marvel of course would like to rake in every dollar they can, so that’s why there is a tv portion of what they are doing.

So it occurred to me, if I’m Disney/Marvel I need to start thinking about picking my cast among actors who’d be willing to play the characters on tv or in the movies. That’s how you could generate symbiotic crossover events. Instead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it could be the Marvel Live Action Universe. Instead of signing actors for X appearances as Iron Man, maybe sign them for X years, any amount of appearances in any medium. Maybe say you have to give them a year’s advance notice for tv appearances and maybe limit their time on set to a minimal amount, like one day for the tv shows. Maybe around Phase IV they can try something like that.


I find that hard to believe, given that Koss Whedon is executive producer (and co-creator) or Agents of SHIELD, as well as writer/director of Avengers and Avengers 2. It seems like he is (or was at the time) invested in both.


The article said he was discouraged by the movie side of Marvel from putting any time into the tv show. He’s no longer doing Marvel movies. It kind of adds up, Whedon is not a happy camper.


Yeah, I’ve heard that he’s kind of burned out by being in the Marvel Universe for so long, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the TV side of things. He’s just burned out in general. The most I’ve heard is that the movie people don’t want to feel tied to the TV series, but maybe that sentiment is shared behind closed doors.


The article I read made it sound more like he was “Hey, I have all these great ideas for the tv show AoS…” and the movie people response was “Forget tv, just do the movies the way we tell you”. So we got Age of Ultron and he’s out. Even so, the tv show is great now, so I can’t complain. But we’ll never know what AoS or Age of Ultron would have been like had Whedon got to do things his way.


Link to this article you keep referencing?


I can’t remember which site it was. The article itself was a compilation of various remarks made by people, including Whedon, that centered on the tv shows, especially on Agents of Shield. It was kind of a “Here’s how this all went down” article, with links to interviews and other relevant things. It wasn’t based on any one source or any one person’s account. So take it with a grain of salt, but I found it convincing because it explains a lot. Whedon has directed two huge moneymakers for Marvel, but he’s out of it now. “I’m tired” or “I’m burned out” doesn’t cut it for an explanation. No one bails out when the money is flowing and things are going good. People do bail out on toxic situations, even if money is flowing.


I remember reading it at some point in time, and I don’t recall where - it was a Hollywood gossip site. Hard to say exactly how legit the conclusions are, but the soundbites were at least sourced. Of course, soundbites can be kind of like statistics - lies, damn lies, …


I remember reading this exact situation with the DC world as far as movies and TV but never saw anything about this level of disconnect in the Marvel universe. Are we mixing our comic worlds?


This happens all the time in Hollywood and it doesn’t require any “toxic” goings-on or backroom sniping. Creative types do some huge blockbuster, then retreat to smaller projects. Sometimes $20-$30 million is enough. Sometimes it’s as simple as the person in question figuring out that being part of a tentpole franchise is different from starring in or directing an indie film.

This is a guy that up until recently held weekly workshops and readings of Shakespeare in his home for fun. (That’s where Much Ado About Nothing came from.) I think Whedon is being entirely honest when he says he just needs a break from being the guy in charge of keeping Marvel’s plates spinning.

The best article I could find on it all was this one.

Misleading headline aside, it doesn’t sound like the relationship with Marvel was toxic at all. He was just too busy to run Agents of Shield and Avengers and coordinate all the other movies.


When I read she was cutting her hair I thought “NOOO!!” but now I’m thinking “Maybe I was a bit hasty in my objections”.


Yes, she did not Cuoco it.


My son and I watched the premiere last night - anyone else catch it?

This show is on fire. I don’t know if I am objective enough to say if it’s still good, because somewhere around the middle of season 1 I just started to really click with the serialized story telling, the characters, the plots, and how it ties into the MCU and the like. But man, last night’s episode was just amazing. So much to like. The creature/thing (I don’t really know who that was supposed to be) was just cool as hell, and the crazy chaos of the big story here is right up there with the best DnD campaigns.

Very excited to see where this season takes us!


I’m not sure if this is a spoiler, but obviously they were being attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog.


Hah, that’s very much what I thought when he first stepped forward into the light. “Give me all your rings!”


I have to give my son credit for pointing that out, by the way. The silhouette was a dead giveaway.


I enjoyed the season premiere last night, though I kind of thought Metal-Melter Guy went overboard on the freaking out. I hope they don’t drag out the Monolith stuff too long.


I felt it had sort of gone back to season 1’s rather confusing sort of bitty, scattered feel - as if all the good stuff in the last season and the bit before had never happened. Feels like back to square one - although of course now I know everyone involved, I do care a bit, whereas I didn’t in the first season.


I’m not sure what guru is talking about, but I loved the premiere and that carried through with last night’s excellent episode. I am enjoying the show a lot more as it moves into a more firmly serialized format (which started in the second half of season one, really, which is also when it started getting really good, so I imagine the show being more serialized is part of why I like it) and the Inhuman/Kree stuff is neat, and there has been a lot more over the top super-hero stuff so far. I’m really excited to see where things go, feels like there are a lot of branches on this tree.