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I’m kind of annoyed they undid the Simmons cliffhanger by episode 2.


It wasn’t a hugely built-up cliffhanger, though. It was setup by a few seconds at the end of the finale. There’s still a lot of room to play with “what came through the portal before” stuff.


I’m not sure either - I [I]think[/I] it’s somewhere in the combination of cinematography, pacing and editing.

Something just seems a bit scattered.

However, I do mostly enjoy the show and I’ll keep watching. It may just be a function of the usual thing of the first episode of a season having to gather all the threads of a story up and resolve things (or not).


This could well be, I feel a little lost during most shows when they finally return after the summer, especially shows juggling lots of stories and characters.


Me too, and the way it was done felt awfully contrived. She survives for months in a barren wasteland, then just happens to see a flare through a massive sandstorm and get close enough to hear her boytoy yelling over the storm, and they get through the portal just barely before it blows up into gravel? I understand that there’s gonna be crazy stuff, but I prefer there to be at least a tiny bit of an attempt to give us somewhere to hang our suspension of disbelief.

Having said that, all the rest of the first two episodes has been enjoyable. The Hydra rebuilding is a lot of fun to watch. I kinda hope Hunter gets Ward but Hydra goes on under Strucker Jr, would fit nicely into the more-heads-rise theme. Probably not gonna happen, though, Ward is too solidly entrenched now both in plot terms and as a character.


I’m really, really hoping that she’s not Simmons, and is actually some kind of imposter alien that was able to read Fitz’s mind. That would be a lot more acceptable than a fairly ridiculous deus ex machina (and then, of course, find some way to get the real Simmons back later on).


Cross-post from the Marvel restructure thread.

One of the rumors coming out of NYCC is that the Inhumans movie is being shuffled off the plan. Huge grain of salt and all that, but the whispers say that the recent corporate power play between Perlmutter and Feige may have killed Inhumans as a movie. Apparently, Feige doesn’t want to let Perlmutter (who is still in charge of Marvel Studios TV side of the house) get the payoff for Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD.

The main Inhumans arc in Agents was supposed to be a 3-season commitment as the lead-up to the Inhumans movie, with after movie tie-in episodes continuing. This effectively gave Perlumutter, via the Agents storyline, a large measure of control on how the movie would have to play out, especially since Daisy is a main character in Agents.

A bunch of other sites say they haven’t heard anything to back up the rumor, and at first Bleeding Cool seemed to be backing off the story. But when pressed, Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston says they’re going to double down.

Not backpedalling at all. Indeed, after this weekend, I’m forward pedalling.


That would be really dumb. Agents is a fantastic show and 3 more years of this would have been an awesome ramp into a film with some of these characters. This power play bullshit is worryingly like the first cracks in the colossus that Marvel is, I won’t be surprised is everyone looks back on this year from now and thinks, “yeah, this was all very unfortunate.”


This week’s episode didn’t do a whole lot for me. It all seemed pretty pedestrian. I was mildly curious if we’d see Electroboy brought in to become a regular, but other than answering that question, it seemed pretty much like a holding pattern. Maybe it’ll all seem more important later.

I have to say that I did laugh pretty hard when they started subtitling the drunken Brits, though.


I was grateful for the drunken speech subtitles as well as amused. I did have a “Lost groan” at the end when Emma announced, “I have to go back!” Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!


Title of email I just got from the Marvel mailing list: “See How Agent Simmons Survived on Tonight’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Hope no one on that mailing list is waiting to see the full season all at once!


Wow. This is the show that keeps on giving.


Really good episode while watching it.

But then you start thinking about what you watched and there was stuff that made zero sense.


The most unbelievable part of the episode was how long the iPhone battery lasted. It should have been, “Fitz, I appear to have gone through a portal. I’m on….oh, crap, it’s dead.”


Ah but Simmons has the special limited edition S.H.I.E.L.D. I-Phone. It comes with a tiny battery shaped nuclear power plant, standard! Yeah, I was laughing at the phone bit. They could have somewhat easily solved that problem if. when the portal snagged her, she had some battery powered lab equipment on her or something. It was a bit lazy on their parts. Out side of that it was a good episode though fairly predictable. Except for what ever is in the windstorm.


[I]Really?!?[/I] She goes through some kind of portal to an alien world with breathable air and edible food and it’s the battery life that’s unbelievable?


That was my first reaction, too. Where can I get a phone that not only survives a trip through an alien portal, but still has battery after months of repeatedly viewing videos, taking dictation, and failing to find GPS signal?

Yep, it was. I think it’s an uncanny valley phenomenon. Alien portals, ray guns, mutations, whatever…all far enough outside our experience that they’re easily acceptable. Amazing battery life? That’s way too close to reality.

My only real question going in was whether she would meet another human to get all chummy with and set up guilty feelings of Fitz-betrayal, or an alien. I’m mildly disappointed it was a human. Now I’m expecting to get a FitzSimmons “what could possibly go wrong” portal-opening later on this season, leading to some sort of fight to stop IT from eating Earth. Probably with a side serving of death-of-Will, though I suppose he might be allowed to live in order to maximize the love triangle angst.


Guys, that phone was SHIELD tech. Jeez. They have massive, flying carriers! Probably contained Stark Tech! Sheesh. What kind of comic book nerds are you, anyway?!


I laughed at the battery thing until she explicitly mentioned that Fitz did some mumbo-jumbo to make it SHIELD awesome. Since they handwaved it away, I was fine with it.

More incredible to me was that she was at the point of deadly dehydration and starvation, and both times she recovered in minutes.


Dude, theres an app for that. Duh!