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You know what would be really awesome? If Fitz and the gang worked really hard to mount a rescue and it turned out that Simmons imagined the astronaut and the Sith guy. She just hunkered in a hole for six months and went a little crazy on her own.


Or they show up and find a skeleton in an astronaut suit.

Fitz: “He’s been dead for years!”

M. Night Shyamalan: “What a twist!”


Well, that sure puts a damper on the whole “she had sex with him!” thing.


And then she winds up pregnant! Dun dun DUNNNNN!


Maybe it’s a Solaris type of situation, with Will being a physical figment of the planet’s imagination, like the Boogeyman in the desert. Or a physical figment of [I]something’s [/I]imagination.

IOW, maybe the [I]real[/I] Will died back with the team, and the Will she met was some sort of construct, conjured up by the [I]whateveritis[/I] specially for her.


All these theories seem to forget that final few seconds of last week’s show where he’s survived holding whatever it is at bay and is making his way back to his camp, certain he’s stuck there for ever and alone now (presumably). Certainly no one else is around, so why keep up the ruse if there is one? He seemed very real to me, I suspect there is a real person that not only needs rescuing, but will probably become an agent of SHIELD at some point, if I had to speculate.




Big Reveal last night

I called that as soon as he was being dodgy while recounting his story on the medical bed, and I commented out loud that he was the creature when he was all, “oh, huh, hey did you get a look at him?” and was all, “Well, I didn’t know he could do that!” - I take no credit for calling it early, the performances were done well, subtle, so I picked up on it because I feel like I was supposed to.

Superb episode. I am glad they are humanizing the woman whose name I forget. Rosalyn?


Honestly, I didn’t see that twist coming…I thought it was Rosalind. Wow.


Same here. I was highly skeptical about the start of the episode, but I was sold by the end. Glad they didn’t go with the obvious twist.


They certainly pulled that twist off with flair. I’ve complained in the past about them dropping too many hints, spoiling the surprises, but there was no trouble with that this time. Only one real hint that I can recall, the one Scott mentioned, and I didn’t notice it at the time. Probably because I was too busy being happy that they’re finally putting Mockingbird back in action. :) Loved the bank-vault bit with Bobbi and May.


Just watched the first ever episode and thought it worked really well, i thought the different view point worked well and hope this has legs, trying not to get too many spoilers by reading much but so far so good.


Not a spoiler, but I can tell you pretty definitively that the show improves as it goes on.


It’s a little shaky in the first season…don’t give up if you’re not feeling it around the midway point. It really picks up as season 1 ends and into season 2.


Cheers, will keep that in mind


I would like to go on record as stating that 100% of the twists and turns this season are bullshit ;)


I normally pooh-pooh Tom and others who are fastidious in denying themselves movie preview trailers and scenes-from-next-episodes but I’m really sorry that I stuck around for next week’s scenes this time around. :-(


You just have to get into the habit of not watching. I used to watch Next Generation, and the previews consistently ruined next week’s episode. Since there were so few special effects, the preview would almost always show the most exciting moments. Luckily my TiVo cuts off a little early, so I’m usually spared the previews for Shield.


Just caught up with last week, figured I should get it in before tonight’s episode. I thought the whole Lash scenario was handled pretty well. They’re set up nicely for May to revert back to ice woman mode after all that, though I think they did a good job with giving her a bit of emotional depth through the whole thing. Mildly disappointed to see that electro-boy survived and will apparently stay around - he annoys me.


I’m starting to wonder if a requirement to join Daisy’s team is that she has to fall in love/kiss you first. Its like she’s the only female now on Inhuman Tinder.