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Decent winter finale. Wasn’t surprised by any of it this time - this show has pulled the unexpected off before, but this time they went in the obvious direction. I enjoyed watching them make the trip, though. I hope we see more of Mack-in-charge, I thought that worked really well.


Yeah, although I thought the reveal would be:

]That Will [B

always[/B] was the monster


So I dropped off this show at the end of last season, even though the quality was about as good as it had ever been. How did this half of the season compare? Worth catching up over the holidays?


Absolutely. If you were enjoying it last season, you’ll like what they did in the fall this season.


As Bob said, it’s an excellent show and it’s continued to be a strong show every week since it turned around in mid-season 1. I think it’s even better than (the excellent) Arrow and Flash.


Pistols at dawn.


First season it didn’t feel like a Whedon project until the last couple of episodes. Now it does. That’s how I look at it.


I think it’s remained a solid watchable show to the extent that I can look at it in isolation, which is often enough. Whenever I stop and think about what a failure it is as an integrated part of the Marvel world the movies created, I get sad. Netflix is telling small stories in the corners of the Marvel world and that works, SHIELD is telling what should be huge stories, and instead they feel small too, and silly as a result.

I understand there are plenty of limitations about the logistics of tying the shows and the movies together. I could armchair-quarterback all the ways I think they could be doing a better job within those constraints, and I may still be totally off base as far as my expectations. But whether my expectations are reasonable or not, it’s still disappointing.


I’m expecting to see Coulson and Daisy in Civil War. They’ll show up and save Cap’s ass at the last minute. All this talk about separating the TV and movie universes is nonsense meant to mislead us.

For anyone wondering what the “monster” actually is (spoilers obviously)


Hah, I couldn’t be more skeptical, but here’s hoping.


Just got caught up after missing the mid-season finale for finals, and that was pretty fabulous through and through. Looking forward to the new direction ;)

last-episode spoiler

[spoiler]Though I have to really question the overall power level of the critter in question here. It went evensies in a fistfight with Fitz for Grodd’s sake. Sure, in a dead, rotted body, but it’s not like Ward’s is in significantly better shape after his bout with Coulson.

If it really is something like the Hive linked above, then its main power is. . . taking over weakened bodies? Hardly seems planet-destroying, unless, you know, it slips into the President’s body or something when he’s got the flu.

I dunno. After Malick, Will, and all the rest talking up its theoretical power level–to the point that prehistoric Inhumans learned how to initiate interstellar travel just to banish the damn thing–having its big climactic reveal be a wrestling match with a puny Scottish lab rat seems a little. . . anticlimactic?[/spoiler]


Yeah apart from that slow-mo cheese at the end, it was a fantastic episode. Tightly paced, flowing, very watchable all the way.

Agree with your qualm there Armando, but only in terms of viewer impact.
In terms of lore,

there are precedents for a thing that has transcendent world-destroying power when fully healthy, but in a weakened, dormant or chrysalis state is nothing to write home about. I can’t think of it now offhand, but there’s an example rattling around at the back of my mind somewhere.


So has the creature taken the form of Ward?


I think one of us Old Gods that Strange fights fits the bill you’re describing, but I dunno if AOS is gonna go full Lovecraftian on us here…


Watched the second-half premiere off the DVR just now. I like Yo-Yo and look forward to seeing more of her whenever we get the inevitable “all hands on deck for the big fight” episode, probably at the end of this season. Possessed-demon-Ward is great so far, they’re doing a good job making him all creepy and mysterious.

Also, screw you, stupid local channel posting presidential primary results all over the screen. If it’s not an election, it’s weather, or some “breaking news” about which I give no shits. Try to watch the broadcast version, you get that crap. Try to watch legitimately online, there’s delayed availability or horrible unavoidable ad breaks or both. No wonder streaming/torrenting pirate versions of recent episodes is so popular.


Just finished season 2 last night with my wife. So can’t join the discussion yet, really.

However I must say that they really stepped up the fight choreography the last half of season 2. It got legitimately good there.


Actually it has taken Wards body. Unless its a smoke screen, Wards consciousness is dead and gone.


Yeah, the implication is that it’s a meat suit and that the monster can only take over dead bodies.


Wow, they killed Ward and turned his body into the Hive? Maybe I will have to catch up after the end of season 2.

As other posters said above, one of the turn-offs for me was the way it wasn’t better integrated with the movies - i only came back to the show because of the Winter Soldier connection, and would have returned again if there was going to be a decent Civil War payoff. As it is, I might anyway and powerwatch what I missed, but that connection would be be a real sweetener.


After all the complaints about Ward’s character at the beginning of the first season, I don’t think anyone could have predicted this character arc.