Agents of Shield - Joss Whedon, Marvel, and ABC


For some reason, the show’s starting to lose its “must watch” status for me. It was a lot of fun the first season, but it just feels like - I don’t know - they’re throwing “stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff.”


Well, to each his own. I’m finding now that it’s back I look forward to this more than any other show I’m watching!


Was it on somewhere else this week?

Preempted here locally at the last minute for Primary garbage…


You might have to Hulu it. Should be available on a non-subscription account about the time next week’s episode airs - record that one and watch 2!


So I decided to sit down and watch Season 3’s episodes to date off my DVR. It seems I am missing Episodes 1-7 for this season. Most likely my wife decided to delete them at some point, or she added other shows to the queue and bounced Agents of Shield (we can record up to 4 shows at once, and even then we sometimes have to set the DVR to record the later repeat of a show on a channel like FX or AMC where they repeat prime-time in the later hours).

So I have Episode 8 through the most current, but don’t want to watch without seeing 1-7 first. ABC’s site only streams the most recent few episodes, Netflix only has through Season 2, and Amazon Prime wants to charge me $2 per Season 3 episode. Am I screwed or is there someplace I can stream the earlier episodes legally?


You bet, what you do is…

Oh, ah. Um… I got nothing. I do feel your pain though. Not with Agents specifically, but your story has happened to me on more than a few shows. Sometimes you can catch them on the web page, but as you found out not for earlier episodes. It’s a real problem - stations just aren’t putting the effort into getting everyone invested in a TV show like they could be.


The show is too fragmented right now. This week’s episode had three different plot lines running at the same time, which meant too little time spent on each, and no resolution of anything. And they never even really touched on Hydra, which should be the overarching storyline anyway.

I must say, though, that those masks rock. But given how high-tech and mass-produced they look, couldn’t you just do some quick market research and find out where they are made and BOOM take down the entire organization?


Catching up on this, must admit I got the feels re. the final scene with Hunter and Bobbie.

Seems like it’s still a pretty good show to me, the combination of spai action and superpowers is still a good draw, and the overall arcs have been engaging (curious to see what’s coming with Malick and Hive Ward now). I’d still put Flash and Arrow above this, but it’s still up there with those great shows in my book, with things like Gotham and Supergirl on the second and third tier.

As a side-point, the fight scenes in particular seem to be better choreographed than even the Arrow fight scenes - or at least, more real-seeming.


So for those watching live: What happened after the “We will return in a minute”?

My “tape” ran out, due to the election updates, I guess.

They need to move this show to Wednesdays until after the Primaries…


Election updates here too. They delayed the start of the show just enough I missed the tag at the end. Anyone get to see it?


Telekinesis Guy tells Hive that they inherited tons of money from the Malick estate. sinister look “Let’s spend it!”


Same happened to me, which prompted me to post about it on my blog. If there was no other way to show the information, I could understand interruptions, but in this day and age? Keep on doing stupid stuff like this, broadcast networks, you’ll just keep encouraging piracy.

As for the actual episode, I liked it, although I was a little disappointed that it was only one person at the end. I was hoping after all that distrust and confusion trying to separate the guilty party, it would turn out to be all of them.


Is there a place to see all these numbers? I read the article on my phone so didn’t see any links to anything.


Rumors say Peggy Carter season 3 and the SHIELD spinoff show, Marvels Most Wanted, are both not going to happen.

The pitch for Marvel’s Most Wanted sounded really dumb. “It’s like a mercenary Agents of Shield except even less super-powered stuff and no tie-in to the MCU.”


Hey! That’s the A-Team!


I wonder if they’ll bring Lance and Bobbi back to AoS then. Was that the only reason they wrote them out of AoS?

I wish Agent Carter could have a real finale, but I’ve had a while to come to terms with how unlikely it is to return, and I’ve mostly made my peace.


Part of the problem is that when SHIELD and Carter were pitched, Disney/Marvel thought they could woo everyone that ponied up for a Marvel movie to watch a weekly Marvel-themed TV show. What that strategy failed to account for is that a lot of the Marvel movie audience is there for the casual thrills. They’re not dedicated enough to watch the more modestly budgeted shows and the ratings have shown that. Even the attempts to tie the show into whatever movie was about to come out, like Sif’s story in SHIELD, didn’t draw any appreciable rise in viewers.

On top of that, Marvel’s strategy of using SHIELD to push the Inhumans stuff has kind of backfired. Marvel Studios had that big management shake-up that screwed the original plan over. Meanwhile, the X-Men, unlike Fantastic Four, continues to be a popular movie franchise and brand so even fans have resisted the Inhumans concept.

AFAIK the pitch for Marvels Most Wanted was done back when Disney thought their Marvel-themed TV superhero stuff would really take off. It hasn’t. At least not enough to justify the expense needed. I’m not sure if they figured out they were boned too late in the SHIELD production process to pivot, or if they really thought they could make a go of it, but it sucks for Adrianne Palicki.


Yeah, it’s gonna blow if Bobbi can’t somehow get back into AoS. Palicki is. . . erm. . . was. . . the best thing about that show by a mile.

Except maybe Coulson. Maybe.


Kyle MacLachlan was the best part of the show!


I should rephrase. Palicki was my favorite actor to watch in AoS.

Kyle MacLachlan was the best part of the show.