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First look: Ghost Rider.


I’m wondering how they’ll work Mephisto into this. I mean, this show doesn’t seem ripe for Judeo-Christian stuff, so perhaps he’ll be one of the other-worlders who is ancient and supposedly unstoppable and inspired our ideas of what a demon is.

Crap. I think I just ruined the next season for myself.


I can’t imagine a worse choice for them to go with, short of maybe casting Alf.


Man, very strong start imo. I really liked the Ghost Rider take and the character, the effects were quite good (especially the Rider’s skull), and the situation we find ourselves in between this new player and the changes at SHIELD as well as the tensions and potential for multi-layered plotting are exciting!


First episode seemed solid. I didn’t have high hopes for Ghost Rider…seemed like a strange character choice whenever everything to this point has been high-tech-and-aliens…but there’s nothing major to dislike thus far. (Though I do miss the flaming motorcycle.) The all-the-intrigue, all-the-time approach remains and that’s the foundation of the show.


I miss the bike too, though they are clearly aiming to use the new Ghost Rider from the comics, who has that car as well as a wheel-chair bound… brother? I actually don’t remember, I hated the artwork so I ditched the book around issue 3 or so. But everything I do remember from the new GR was shown in some form last night, which is neat.


Yeah, Ghost Rider all seemed better than I expected.

At this point, S.H.I.E.L.D. has earned my viewership, but I’m still never excited about anything they announce or plan, so I had nothing but skepticism toward Ghost Rider. And I’m still pretty skeptical. I don’t know if they’ve revealed exactly how much they plan to use him this season, but it’s hard to imagine him fitting into the show we’ve had for the past few seasons in a long term way.

Still, like I said, initial appearance at least exceeded expectations.


The initial encounter was terrible I thought and I hurt my eyes rolling them back so hard when a little old lady just walked around the van. Explosions, people yelling, tires screeching, and gunfire - hell ya I am going to go check that shit out! said grandma.

I would like opportunities to prove their hero-ness a bit more subtle thanks.

We did get Queen Madalena though so I will call it a wash.


OMFG. I just watched Gallivant like a week ago, in a fever binge session of epic (and incredibly satisfying proportions), but I still could not place that woman but she was intensely familiar. God I hate being old.


I like that they’re using this rider. He could fit in really well if they go with a bit from his comic stories.

His main enemy in them was Mr. Hyde (Daisy’s dad). This ghost rider is also a serial killer that takes control of his host and goes on rampages.

Seems like the show changed quite a bit. I hope I wasn’t the only one confused about everything that was going on with Shield & also the Daisy character. Did I miss something important by not watching Civil War?


No. Civil War only introduced the “Sokovia Accords”, mandatory meta human registration, which is why what’s-her-name that was flirting with Mac is off the team and under surveillance.

I honestly don’t remember why Daisy went rogue or why Coulson is no longer the director, but I do remember it happened at the end of last season.


I don’t remember any actual explanation…just a teaser bit showing the new organization. I think we’ll probably see the backstory revealed little by little as this season unfolds.


Daisy went rogue because she “allowed” the alien critter Grant Ward/Hive to take over her, so she is feeling guilty, plus the standard superhero nonsense you get in every book about “I’m afraid of my powers” stuff, plus she’s conflicted about SHIELD’s pursuit of Inhumans, since she is one.

I’m not clear on who the new Director is, but I gather from the dialogue this week that the President ordered Coulson to stand down.


I wonder if this week’s AoS will tie into Dr. Strange. They’ve done it with the previous movie releases, and I assume they’re introducing the Darkhold into the MCU through the TV series for that purpose, but I don’t know how they’d bring them together, having seen Dr. Strange.


I can safely say no, since there is no Agents of SHIELD this week. Doesn’t come back until after Thanksgiving.


Aw. I didn’t realize that, and now I’m sad. I’ve been enjoying this season so far, with the exception of the constant complaints about the new SHIELD bureaucracy. Care to speculate on whether or not they will tie together upon its return?


Maybe, but I doubt it’ll be a tight connection like we saw with Winter Soldier. Probably more like the way they referenced Agent Carter - a brief mention in one or two scenes, but no major plot shifts.


Oh thank goodness.

I’ve been impressed by the effects on Ghost Rider, but overall this season is just boring.


I’m just loving the shit out of this season - this show just gets better and better with each new episode, and last night’s was incredibly fun and cool. I’m super pissed next week is the mid-season finale, why on earth did they make us wait three weeks just to make us wait some more?!


Another fantastic episode last night. Just some really good story telling and great moments and characters. Man, this show is brilliant.