Agents of Shield - Joss Whedon, Marvel, and ABC


I seem to remember reading waaaay long ago that Inhumans was premiering it’s first episode on Imax in 2017, but the series wasn’t going to air until early 2018? Which if still true, means SHIELD starts in March. I may be mis-remembering or thinking of an entirely different show though.


Inhumans starts on TV on September 29. Eight episodes has it finishing the Friday before Thanksgiving. So taking everyone’s statements at face value, and assuming they won’t debut AoS the week of Thanksgiving, we could have Agents of SHIELD starting on December 1. I’m interpreting “mostly uninterrupted” to mean that they won’t have the six-week breaks of last season, but they’ll still break for Chrimbus and random Bachelor specials or something.


I did some googling and this is my conclusion as well. So it will mostly air like a regular show, just one that starts a bit later in the season… but then will have fewer breaks in the normal schedule.


Im guessing that date of December 1st may be a bit early. Fox has the broadcast rights to both of baseball’s Championship series as well as The World Series. I expect that will delay things at least 2 or 3 weeks. This pushes it into Christmas and almost all series take a break at that time. They could start AOS at that time but I doubt that they will. My money’s still on early January.


What do Fox and the World Series have to do with an ABC show airing on Friday nights?


The other networks tend to take breaks from regular programming when these games air on another broadcast network instead of cable stations like ESPN or TBS, due to reduced ratings, so its likely that Inhumans wont run during that time. Regardless, its not very likely that Inhumans will run 8 consecutive weeks without a break somewhere. The baseball playoffs is just the most likely time for them to skip a week or two, especially since those are on a regular broadcast and not cable.


Buried towards the end of this Variety story about the declining ratings across all ABC shows is this bit.

“Inhumans” has not been the only source of friction between ABC and Marvel. Earlier this year, the mandate came down from Disney for ABC to renew its other Marvel drama, “Agents of SHIELD,” despite the desire by some at the network to end the series after four seasons. Having aired on Tuesdays since its inception, “SHIELD” is shifting to Friday nights this season when “Inhumans” finishes its initial eight-episode run.


ABC confirmed Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez) is being promoted to series regular.

“Natalia is a powerhouse in her work and in her daily life, and she has imbued one of our favorite characters with her natural strength and humor. Natalia was instantly a part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. family the first day she walked onto set, and we’re happy she’s now an official member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team."


Shield has maintained a pretty decent quality even as it’s ratings fell. Disney stepping in to keep it alive is a cool thing IMO.

Nothing will match AMC keeping Halt and Catch Fire even as barely anyone watched it though.


And we’re back! Watched the first two-part episode this morning, and I am very excited for where this season is going. It feels like everyone knows there’s a very high chance this is the last season, so they’re swinging for the fences.


So far, so good. Happy to see this back instead of Inhumans, already much better.


This was last week, right? It isn’ appearing in “On Demand” for some reason on my f-ing Spectrum.


Yep, last Friday.

Looks like you can watch there if you have a cable login. Just guessing, since I don’t.


Finally got to catch this premiere last night and the boy and I loved it. I still think AoS is the best super hero show on TV right now (it’s not even close) and so cannot fathom why it struggles in the ratings. If this is the last season it’s already shaping up to go out with a bang that should put other shows on notice.


Hmm, I haven’t tried logging on to directly. I’ll give it a go tonight.



Without spoilers: the plot seems a bit out of the Agents’ weight class, no?

I spent much of the 1st 2 hours wondering why Marvel’s heavy hitters would not have gotten involved…


Guess we’ll have to wait to figure out how things ended up this way. Hopefully they provide at least lip service to why the Avengers didn’t save the day!


I’d agree. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m certainly a bit surprised.


Presumably this has something to do with the plot of Infinity Wars? When Marvel said things would be different afterwards, maybe they meant REALLY different…


This is the best show on TV. I can’t wait for every new episode.