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TV shows should stop using speedster characters all together. Another case of I’ll use my super speed to dramatic effect in the beginning, now watch me engage in slowmo fisticuffs. I’m numb to it from Flash, but I expected better from SHIELD.


Yeah, this is my favorite show on TV right now and has been for a few years now. It’s the one I am the most pumped for every week, and every week it just delivers such a fucking great story. Last weeks was bannanas. Tonight’s should be crazy (I am also excited to see the Absorbing Man return, one of my favorite characters from the comics) and fun as well, cannot wait.


While it’s possible, there is no way I’ll personally get as much out of a show about the rap music scene as I do get out of a show like Agents of SHIELD.


Don’t rule it out. It’s not “about the rap music scene” any more than Arrested Development was “about real estate development”.


I agree with you generally, but I do think it’s to SHIELD’s credit that Yo-Yo has limitations on her speed – she can only use it for one heartbeat’s worth, and she always returns to where she started. I think that adds an interesting wrinkle (that, to be fair, is almost never a factor).


Well, shit, now you have my attention!


This show keeps knocking it out of the park. The 100th episode was great, and last week’s had some fantastic stuff from Iain de Castecker.


Apparently, Coulson will be returning to the MCU via Captain Marvel. Granted, he’ll be playing a younger version of himself (as the movie supposedly takes place in the 90s), but I find that great news.


This season has been excellent although I do have to say that they need to give Fitz and Simmons a frikkin break, already. They like to thump on those two a bit too hard sometimes.

( edited for misinformation: SyFy had mistakenly stated that Gregg was in the final cast list for Avengers but they have since corrected it and verified he does not appear in film until the Capt Marvel movie )


Agreed, wholeheartedly. The show has been doing real well, but those two are ALWAYS in peril.


Just caught up from last week’s episode - holy shit, that was crazy stuff.


I did not see that coming at all. I feel like I should’ve, but it blew me away. I’m very excited for where this is all heading. With so much use of Gravitonium this season, will we finally get to see Graviton before it’s over?

One of the articles I read talks about how in the first season there is reference to H.A.M.M.E.R. as a segment of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization on a wall poster or something like that. Is Hale’s group part of that since it would’ve been pre-Hydra schism?!

I’m guessing it will all be less tied to the comics than that, but the way this season has gone, who knows?! I will say that having a start time after 9PM has really upped the ante for everything on the show. It is far less of a family show now than it was at the beginning. That’s been happening slowly as it has evolved anyway, but still… that scene with Daisy getting her inhibitor removed was a little nasty and of course we have Yo-Yo’s loss a little while back.

I envy someone sitting down and watching this series from the beginning some years from now. I think it will be a major cult classic TV series. I love it. I can’t wait to see what happens next each week.


I’m a couple episodes behind, but Dove Cameron looks like a contingency plan someone grew in a lab in case Margot Robbie turned down Suicide Squad.


You’re more right than you know!!


This part of the season, back in the present, has really been a dud for me.

There is no way the alien threat is truly tying into Infinity War, hate to crush your dreams on that one, but it’s only going to be thematically related at best, in the same way S.H.I.E.L.D. found a magic book around the same time Dr. Strange was in theaters.

Catherine Dent is terrible casting, though maybe they didn’t have this role in mind when she was originally brought in just as a Navy Admiral (or whatever she was). She has zero gravitas, completely unthreatening, uncharismatic, unempathetic, and unbelievable as the villain. You need at least one of those.

Deke seems like a different character since he arrived in the present, like the journey through space knocked his IQ down considerably. I liked him a lot more in the future as a bit more of a jerk learning to be less of a jerk, now he’s just kind of a bumbling idiot.

The last episode was a particularly noteworthy showcase of bad action choreography; I hate that the show has demonstrated it’s capable of truly excellent action sequences and fights, but apparently only when the right directors “guest star” I guess.

I do like watching Adrian Pasdar ham it up as Talbot though.


I think it’s the latter more than the former; I’ve liked her in other stuff, but the character just doesn’t seem to have “it” here.


Why does anyone put up with Yo-yo’s shit? She’s always been way too headstrong and short-sighted or selfish to be reliable as an agent.


I always knew the Alex/Ruby star-crossed lovers thing was d0med, but I didn’t expect it to be that d0med. That was a harsh episode.

I’m still mulling it over. Was that a good episode or just a shocking episode?


imo it was both. Fantastic turns all around.


Well I’ll be the grouch and say neither.

Certainly wasn’t invested in lil’ Strucker, and not too shocked Ruby didn’t make it.