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Agreed, this one didn’t do much for me either. Probably since I’d pegged Ruby for collateral damage along the way from just about her first appearance. That, plus I’m really tired of the unfunny Deke comic relief. I want to see how they wrap this season up, just wish they’d get on with it.


I really didn’t care for Season 3, but I recently started watching Season 4. I am amazed at how well the “story pod” approach works. I am in the beginning of the third part now, and it is really good! Really good supporting cast, great pacing and it just keeps getting better. I hope the rest of the season is just as good!


Season 3 was ok (I liked the alternate negative planet), but Season 4 was really good! Just binged the last two seasons the past couple weeks and finally caught up.

Season 5 is shaping up to very much tie in with Infinity War… they even mention an invasion of Earth and Thanos being uber powerful (there facing there OWN invasion!). So this looks like the tv show WILL be affected… didn’t want to put spoilers in the tv show, but there is definitely a tie in in terms of whats happening. Only 2 episodes left this season.

And yeah, Ruby is so annoying, but I kinda like Deke. The episode where he finally gets to go to a generic bar was kinda cool. Its a little detail they did not have to do, but it was pretty good!

This show seems to work better being binged… I couldn’t keep up with Season 3 on a week to week basis.


Just caught up on the last few episodes… great stuff. Really enjoyed that Absorbing Man scene, the Kree, and some involving Spoiler. “This is my ship” :D

I saw in the other post Agents of Shield got renewed. It could be really interesting to see an entire season between Avengers 3 & 4.

I’m a little confused about the odium stuff. Wouldn’t their plan just make the problem worse? I thought it was an extreme strength booster earlier in the season.


So I bounced off this series hard when it first aired after the first 3-4 episodes but strong word of mouth is having me consider picking it up again.

What’s the earliest episode I should pick up from? Please don’t force me to go through all of Season 1 again because from what I remember it was like a crummy X-files knockoff.


I have loved it from the start, but if you quit before Winter Soldier, you should definitely start there. Grant Ward looms large over everything SHIELD.


And AOS has been renewed for a 13 episode season. Im guessing it will likely be the last since they gave it a standard 22/23 every year before this. But at least they are giving it 13 episodes to wrap things up.


As I recall, the odium is a “get strong for a few minutes then get dead” drug. I assume they’re aiming to survive the “strong” part until the “dead” kicks in.

If you already watched season 1, then just pick it up at season 2. I think you could start at pretty much any season’s first episode and mostly understand what’s going on, although you might have to go back and read some summaries of whatever you skipped to follow changes in casting. Especially, as @DaveLong said, the many variations on Ward.


He said he only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes though, and it’s after the mid-season break (after Winter Solder hit theaters) the show really lights up, so @Ex-SWoo would be doing himself a disservice missing out on the back half of season 1. Find out when Winter Solder aired, then find out which episode of AoS aired after that, roll back and watch the previous one to get you feet under you, and go from there is my advice.

(EDIT - To clarify my own position, I thought the first handful of episodes were okay, but my son and I nearly bailed on it right around the time @Ex-SWoo did, only getting back in on a whim with a backlog of 4 or so episodes on a weekend we had nothing else to do, and I’m glad we did because it really started to take off and is now one of our favorite shows)


Thanks guys - after some Googling it looks like that is episode S1E17 - “Turn, Turn, Turn”, so I guess I’ll try watching it from 1-2 episodes before that one.


You’re in for a treat. Maybe re-watch Winter Soldier, too! :)


If you like the MCU / Marvel comics / want to know how Agent Coulson came back from the dead it’s worth starting a little earlier. That stuff comes up around episode 10 or 11. I thought that mystery was pretty cool. The show also introduces a comic character & Bill Paxton around that time.

Stuff from the third episode of the first season, “The Asset”, gets important later. It’s not worth a rewatch, but definitely read a recap if you’re enjoying the show.


Tahiti really is a magical place.


Renewed, but for a shorter season (13 episodes) than previous. Not sure if this means it’s done, or if it’s going to be retooled for Disney’s streaming service for season 7.


Almost half the episodes, so close… :D


More details today, the 13 episode season won’t air until next summer, conveniently after the fourth Avengers movie.

Very vague Infinity War spoilers: so S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t likely have to deal with the fallout of Infinity War if Avengers 4 can fix at least a few things first.

And for the eternal optimists:

[Channing Dungey, ABC President of Entertainment] also made clear that the upcoming season is not envisioned as a series ender.

“I feel the season we just had was creatively the strongest yet,” she told attendees. We don’t plan it as a final season. The show has a loyal passionate base. It does incredibly well in delayed viewing.”

I wonder what the exact timing of “Summer 2019” will be. Even if it’s airing after the fourth Avengers movie, if Marvel is as secretive with the events of the fourth movie as they were with Infinity War, it might still be a tricky thing to produce a show set in the aftermath of that movie without much advance notice on the specifics of the new status quo.


@WhollySchmidt I don’t even care. It’s back! The 13 episode arc has a lot of potential given what they’ve been doing with the show in the last two seasons.

Also. Maybe Clark Gregg is more tied up than we know with movie things for them and that’s another reason they’re pushing it back to summer?


I’m actually bummed it won’t have to deal with the fallout from IW…


Not sure specifically what part you mean, IW spoilers below:

Of course I know what you mean, just bending over backward here to downplay that Infinity War might have any fallout that anyone would have to deal with in case there are crazy people keeping up with S.H.I.E.L.D. who somehow still haven’t seen IW who might be reading this thread.


Are you one of Marvel’s fabled anti-spoiler hit squad? :D