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It was because of how disconnected the show (and the Netflix shows) is/are from the movie universe that I bailed after season 2 and am probably done with the netflix shows after how wretched Punisher/Defenders/Iron Fist were, except prob Daredevil


If they move AOS to a summer series, that lowers the ratings expectations and gives it a much better chance at more seasons beyond 6. This may not be a bad thing.


No Infinity War spoilers in tonight’s episode.

I think it would’ve been a great series finale.

Poor Deke. Would’ve liked more Graviton scenes, or him doing something scarier than raising a pillar in Chicago, but it was really cool to see a powerful villain on the show. I had a big laugh at his craft landing on top of the high rises.


Ok, so there was the twist ending with the plaque. But I did not understand the dialogue about Fitz from Jemma at the end at all…Someone good with spoiler tags please explain.


The entire time we had Fitz with us, he was actually from the future. Actual Fitz is technically in cryo sleep waiting for a future that no longer exists to save his friends that no longer need saving. They can safely go wake him up with their space ship now, and he’ll be wildly disoriented and missing out on the fact that all this happened (like, getting married) but I expect he’ll recover quickly. Interesting twist - this version of Fitz has (yet) to go villain “for the greater good” so that may come up again…

In fact, if the future Fitz from the original timeline hadn’t died, I’m not sure what would have happened. Kind of mind blowing. The more I think about it the more I love it, and I’m glad I didn’t see it coming.

Loved the finale. So good. I have some theories about what next season might be, and I’m VERY excited about it.


Thanks, you got a lot more from that dialogue than I did…


Halfway into season 5 now. It is a bit slower than last season, but some of the guest cast carries it.

However… dismembering Yo-Yo? Not cool. I really don’t care for that. Bleh.

Catherine Dent is really good as their adversary, though.


So why aren’t half the team dust?


I doubt that anyone here has not seen Infinity War, but just in case:

An elegant way to resolve things is to have Coulson crumble to dust in the middle of bucketlisting with May…

And then reconstituted post Avengers 4 cured of both death and other afflictions.


That happens in the comics as well, is where that came from.


Still not cool :(


Oh yeah, I’m not defending it. But as a story beat it does pay off a few different times later, and helps define her character as well.


So forgive me for what I’m about to ask, but can you further explain since I haven’t actually seen the last couple episodes yet? I think I figured it out as I was typing an earlier version of this post, but can you verify my understanding?

“Future-Fitz” was still the eventual version of “Actual-Fitz”, right? It wasn’t some entirely different version, correct? That does seem clever, but it took me a minute to grok what you were saying.


Its definitely the same Fitz, just at two different points in time. Remember, he had to go into cryosleep in the alien "observer"s cryopod to reach the future the rest of the team went to through the time portal. He had no other way to get there, so he was going to just sleep for 100 years until he reached them.

So he’s just floating out there right now, and they can go scoop him up and stop him ever reaching a future that doesn’t exist now anyway, since the “Destroyer of Worlds” never destroyed a world–though he trashed a goodly part of Chicago.


You and @WhollySchmidt seem to have it, well assuming I’m right. I really thought they would actually DO that in the last few minutes, but maybe they were out of time. Should have been a 90 minute finale, probably. Time Travel! Wheeee!!

But like I was saying, can you imagine if they hadn’t woken him up? He’d just be waking up in 100 years and just super confused as to where his friends were. Just mind blowing. So many layers. I normally don’t think much about time travel in movies/TV but I really dig what they did here, never saw it coming remotely until Jemma’s comment at Colson’s funeral. Incredible stuff, imo. Man, what if future-Fitz hadn’t died? Would they still have woken him up? Madness.


I finally got caught up to the end of the season! I never watch this show without the kids so it just took awhile…

They never really tied up Deke as a loose end. So is he just on his own now as we heard him explain to Daisy?

Also, it seems like the lighthouse is the new base. I’m not super excited about that since I like how thre scenery has changed from season to season.

I really am not sure where they go? Are May and Coulson’s characters written out of the show? Seems like it. That makes me sad.

I should never have looked in this thread though. There is Fitz info unspoilered above that gave away Fitz’s death. 😕


Just to clarify,

The showrunners didn’t know they’d get a renewal when they wrapped it up, so this was a potential end-of-series episode with a few tweaks once they found out. This probably explains a few decisions, including excising what happened to Deke (as this will likely be a hook next season) and the happy “ending” for Coulson and May (which likely won’t be an ending, at all).


Deke - On one hand, he could be off exploring the world. On the other hand, he could’ve went poof like they suggested once the future changed. There was the long shot of Jemma in Deke’s room, now empty except for Fitz’s knife. No one mentioned Deke again after Daisy left to fight.

I expect he’ll be back. He was popular-ish with fans, and he had a mysterious space map he took from the ship. They could use that to find Fitz.


Regarding Deke

If Deke is still existing, then we have some serious continuity issues because they stopped the world from breaking and the future beyond that should be wiped out. The only way they could rationalize his return is if they fall back on a quantum reality kind of thing. Which just may happen as many theories are basing the future fix for the MCU on quantum physics.


Mini-update : My Wife and I have been catching up on Agents of Shield the past few weeks ever since this thread convinced me to try it again and I’m really glad we did! We’d in the middle of Season 2 now (just finished S2E10) and we’ll probably be fully caught up over the summer at our current pace. We started watching from S1E11 for what it’s worth.