Agents of Shield - Joss Whedon, Marvel, and ABC


Good news, everybody!

It’s been renewed for a seventh season, even before Season 6 airs. I’d say that’s a solid vote of confidence in the quality of the upcoming season. That, or Disney wants more content for its upcoming streaming service. Pourqoi pas les deux?


Finally getting to watch season 5 on Netflix. God, I forgot how awesome this show can be. About 7 or 8 eps in and it’s amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the earlier seasons so I’m not getting all the callbacks but wow!


This is one of those rare series that just got better each and every season. The last two seasons in particular have been fantastic.


This couldn’t possibly be more accurate to my own experience. I’m actually looking forward to a full second viewing/binge but I want to wait until the show wraps up first.


I agree with that. The Brett Dalton character arc is pretty amazing when you think about where it started and where it ended. I still remember the bitching and moaning in season one like it was yesterday. By the time he was done, I was super pissed he had to go!

One thing this show has done that few before it have, is introduce so many really cool characters that simply don’t exist anymore for various reasons but at one time were integral to the plot. Even better is that there are a handful hanging around out there that you just know you’ll see again and will make you so happy when you do, both heroes and villains and people somewhere in between.