Aging and needing to live a "full life" is terrifying me


Ha! That thread is awesome.


You guys really need to get off my lawn.

I do the gym thing three days a week. I started going because of back trouble, then I met a few guys who have me doing more muscle building stuff. I am still afraid to do many things they recommend because my first thought is not to hurt my back, but I am stronger now. In the upper chest, shoulders and arms I am probably as strong as I have ever been.

Of course I was no Arnold when I started. :)


Usually, you start out as Arnold, then work your way up to Screech.


It’s not as though I have gotten weaker, I just don’t feel like I’m getting stronger. Weight on the bar don’t lie.



Maybe you would have ended up a junior science officer on the Enterprise!


So a red shirt?


Wait are red shirts disposables or command officers? I can’t keep these things straight.



Here’s a helpful picture, because nobody really ever bothered to worry about consistency in uniform colors between the series -


The red shirts are the ones who die on away missions.


You guys are totally tangenting my tangent.


Take it up the chain of command.


Great. I went from trying to explain life choices to dying on some nameless rock in space. You guys are amazing. :)


Maybe Tom can split this into another thread. :)


Well if Star Trek has shown us anything, it’s that if you don’t take risks as a youth, you will probably be way too risk-averse in adulthood. I mean, if crazy hormones and lack of a fully developed frontal cortex isn’t enough to make you take risks, you never will.


I can relate to the sock struggle. Also, my favoured footwear are now loafers accessorized with a long handled shoe horn.


Just be.

You don’t need advice. You are you, just do you.

Why would you need some external ideal, someone else from outside to validate your existence? Is any one way of being better than another? Can we as finite beings even tell? I say we can’t. There is no way to tell if Elon Musk leads a better life or Joe the corner peddler.

Sit still. Look inside. Let go. Look outside, look at the clouds, the trees, all the things. They exist. So do you. It’s all good.


I can still fuck like a mink, but I have to minkscape now or I get so sweaty that I risk a case of the mink minge.


I am sure you make minks cringe. :)