Agwa, the Schnappes made with Cocaine

So I was in Beverages & More yesterday and saw this: Agwa, the Coca Herbal Liquer. Really, it’s made with coca leaves!

Online reviews seem to confirm that, yes, as you would expect, it makes you tweaky. Also, they describe the taste as

say you eat a big prune pie and wash it down with a can of Moxie, then swish it all away with Listerine. That’s the flavor you’ll have in your mouth after you drink it.

I’m amazed this is (semi?) legal. Does anyone know what loophole in US drug laws they’re navigating through?

FWIW, it’s not an entirely novel concept. Several popes were fans of Vin Mariani, wine spike with cocaine (and Pope Leo XIII showed signs of being addicted to it); later some American chemists had the idea of removing the booze and invented Coca Cola.

Wikipedia has a surprisingly extensive section on this.

Also, I’d take any self-reporting of “making you tweaky” with a grain of salt. Studies have shown that if you tell something contains alcohol, they’ll act drunk, even if it is non-alcoholic.

So it’s psychosomatic drug juice?

I’m just saying that that is more likely than the product actually contains cocaine. In fact, I’d wager that it, like Coca Cola, is made from “a cocaine-free extract of the coca leaf”.

Next up, 420 Rum, made with hemp extract. >.<

But will it get me drunk?

Most likely, but you’ll be craving twinkie salad and doritos.

I’m still trying to find a new Radithor supplier.

Sounds like a Scandinavian Heavy Metal band.

Red Bull Cola is also made with coca leaves.


Guys, did you realize those energy drinks are made from bull urine? It’s true!

/me goes out to get some delicious red bull, with extra urine.