Ahmadinejad going down?

Yup. The Quran talks about another race of beings besides humans and angels that Allah created, the Genies (djinn, jinn) that exist only as energy.

I grew up in Turkey as a kid, and our grandmothers would always warn us not to pee in alleyways lest we accidentally piss on a djinn who would then smack us with an ugly stick and disfigure our faces. No, really.

True. I’ve had conversations with relatively westernized Muslims along those lines, as well as plenty of Christians who believe in ghosts as well, Hindus or Buddhists who believe in spirits, etc. Religion in general tends to accept that spirits of one sort or another exist.

So, in the end, I guess I’m just bagging on Theocracy. It’s one thing for citizens here and there to believe in spirits – quite another for this to enter into law.

Moreover, even were I a devout Muslim and even if I believed in djinn I would still frown upon the supposed voice of god trumping up sorcery charges for political gain. Funny how these arrests suddenly materialize when Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have a falling out.

I love how upset that kid is at her Cleric dying.

that was a thief I thought.

Why is Debbie playing a wizard in panel one, and then in panel three she’s playing a cleric? I demand better continuity in my crazy religious tracts!

At least the DM didn’t rip the character sheet in half

i want this on a T shirt

Ringo star is a bad ass.

Caption contest?

“I am… so high right now…”

We read the bible together at dinner as we usually do, and now my wife and two daughters and I are about to play Wrath of Ashardalon, the D&D boardgame.

But the comic doesn’t tell me what happens when I mix religion and D&D!

Is it like crossing the streams? Should we hide the marshmallows?


Wouldn’t the food get cold?

Man, if only I had a dollar for every time I’ve been arrested for invoking djinns.

I invoke 'em and invoke 'em but they never answer.

Have you reached 8th level yet?

Those are some sweet minis. Doesn’t look like Marcie needs 'em anymore, either.

Holy crow, this thread delivers!

Oh that must be the problem…you can only get to level 2 in Wrath of Ashardalon. :(

I guess we’ll never have to confront demonic lynch mobs.

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I bet the fighter/assassins of SEAL Team 6 can take out AmadJihadist and his band of evil sorcerers, especially now that they’ve lost clerical support. What level are the SEALs anyhow

Of course since it looks like the Iranian leaders have been hit with a high level confusion spell, maybe they’ll attack each other, so we should probably wait.

He’s clearly preparing the vocal component for a magic missile spell.