AI War 2

He’s such a great guy too. I feel so bad for him (them) going through all that. So talented.

No, unless it has changed it was a real short thing.

Hey man, that was a training game (and a damn fun one)!

I backed this to support Arcen, but I hope he changed the text color a little. The first game has bright white on a dark black background and that kills my eyes after about 45 seconds and then I get a headache.

I had a lot of fun for a hour or two with this about 8 months ago, then shelved it to wait for 1.0. Looking forward to giving this a try again next week!

Hmm, I don’t know, that trailer makes it sound like humanity is just getting what it deserves.

A quick glance (while I should be working) appears to confirm that it’s very AI War, and that’s about the highest praise I can give a game. Looking forward to diving in properly!

I’m sure I will get this. According to Steam I have 18.8 hours in the original, and that was 100% in the tutorial, which I played like four times.

aw man, I’m psyched for this one. been patiently waiting for it to be done to fire it up.

What would you think about updating the thread title? I know some people avoid anything Kickstarter-related and I figure they might not realize the game is being released now (as opposed to discussing the Kickstarter campaign).

Done! I thought about some snarky subtitle but decided to keep it clean and simple.

Ditto. Steam shows 577 hours in the original game, but I played it for years before I got it on Steam. I can only imagine what that number should look like. It’s one of the all-time greats, and this looks to be a proper follow up.

Anyone who played EA want to comment on the UI? I really liked the idea of the first one, but the tiny unreadable icons and text everywhere just killed my ability to play it.


Where did the AI War 2 , kickstarter thread go?

Transformer noises

Maybe this game will finally teach me how to properly play the first one.

For me the problem with the first one was that there seemed to be so much there to learn initially with the super long tutorial that I never got around to taking the time to figure it out.

This reminds me of a problem I have with RTS games in general, especially any kind of fleet combat - a lack of formations. Ships are turned this way and that, and you also get that whole blobbing effec, which looks horriblet. It really makes combat unattractive for me. I wish you could create different formations with different bonuses and penalties to use. And it would be cool if formations broke down and became less effective the more ships you lost.

Anyway, not picking on AI War here, this is just a general issue I have with all of these games.