AI War 2

aw man, I’m psyched for this one. been patiently waiting for it to be done to fire it up.

What would you think about updating the thread title? I know some people avoid anything Kickstarter-related and I figure they might not realize the game is being released now (as opposed to discussing the Kickstarter campaign).

Done! I thought about some snarky subtitle but decided to keep it clean and simple.

Ditto. Steam shows 577 hours in the original game, but I played it for years before I got it on Steam. I can only imagine what that number should look like. It’s one of the all-time greats, and this looks to be a proper follow up.

Anyone who played EA want to comment on the UI? I really liked the idea of the first one, but the tiny unreadable icons and text everywhere just killed my ability to play it.


Where did the AI War 2 , kickstarter thread go?

Transformer noises

Maybe this game will finally teach me how to properly play the first one.

For me the problem with the first one was that there seemed to be so much there to learn initially with the super long tutorial that I never got around to taking the time to figure it out.

This reminds me of a problem I have with RTS games in general, especially any kind of fleet combat - a lack of formations. Ships are turned this way and that, and you also get that whole blobbing effec, which looks horriblet. It really makes combat unattractive for me. I wish you could create different formations with different bonuses and penalties to use. And it would be cool if formations broke down and became less effective the more ships you lost.

Anyway, not picking on AI War here, this is just a general issue I have with all of these games.

I didn’t make it past the AI War 1 tutorial, and it was a game I’m sure I would have really loved. But honestly I tried it one night, gave up and said I’ll try it again later and proceeded to promptly forget it was a thing. If this ends up being easier to get into than the last maybe someone could let me know.

And I’m not opposed to harsh learning curves as long as what you’re supposed to be doing is at least somewhat intuitive.

As an Arcen forum lurker, it seems to me that this iteration will be easier to get into. Control happens at the fleet level, for example, which should simplify things.

This version is much easier to get into…my main problem is every time I load it up I lose five hours and the AI stomps my homeworld. Very fun and I keep going back for more.

Sorry, I meant to clarify this earlier. I was referring to what he said in the latest (at the time) game update/patch on Steam, not a Kickstarter update. This was the comment I was referring to:

An AAR of a game posted to the kickstarter by Chris:

Long update detailing about everything you could want to know about where both AI War 2 and Arcen Games is.

An overview of how the design has evolved:

Only singleplayer at the moment. MP planned to be done by q1 or q2 2020. Just a heads up for anyone interested in it for that.

Release version is now live!

Going through the tutorial for this, it feels very similar to AI War, and that is a compliment.