AI War 2

Wow, sounds like lots of good new stuff. I’ll fire up a new game this week. Thanks for the info!

I need to finally launch this for more than a few minutes and learn the game. Those are some great patch notes.

Chris always provides great support. I’d get back into this but don’t even have enough time for my current games. It’s good to know it will keep getting more love until I get back to it.

DLC dropped yesterday, behold Expansion 1.

Hah, I didn’t even realize DLC had been announced yet. He keeps updating the damn game every other day and I keep waiting for him to slow down before I play again.

Lazy developer gets married, still finds time for an update. ;)

He has had an eventful couple of years.

That sounds like an understatement. ;)

Wasn’t part of his busy life getting divorced 1-2-3 years ago?


Why I can’t get divorced and remarry a doctor (angry grumbling noises over here)

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, Scotten!

July of last year, according to my Kickstarter updates (one from October said he’d been on a 3 month sabbatical due to the divorce).

None of my business, but that seems like an awfully fast turnaround. I hope it works out well for him, but I can’t help but raise a skeptical eyebrow when someone gets out of a long term serious relationship and jumps instantly into a new one.

Has anybody played the DLC? I have yet to, uh, play the base game, but I am curious about the DLC anyway.

I picked it up, I’ve meant to. I can just never get the damn time. There’s too many games right now.

This is the truest thing that’s ever been written on this whole forum.

Haha, right? And it’s not a situation where I have young children or I’m working 80 hours a week so I just have no time. There’s just always a bazillion tantalizing games and AI War 2 just never seems to be able to get to the top of the list for me.

This month alone I’ve had expansions to HOI4, Stellaris, and Imperator and I haven’t had a chance to touch any of them. Then X4 had an expansion and I’ve been waiting to dive in since it released. I love Monster Hunter and haven’t even had a chance to try the expansion that came out in January. And that’s just a small sample, the list just goes on and on…

So yeah, AI War 2 expansion? I keep meaning to play it, but I have to learn the ropes of the game first and I usually just end up firing up another tempting game instead. Who knows, if the COVID-19 shutdowns go on long enough maybe the silver lining to losing my job will be all the free time I have to play games, haha.

Same here, even though my kids aren’t so small anymore.

I keep meaning to start a thread here that goes like… how I own many so games, but find myself with free time around 9PM staring at my Steam library. I can’t decide, but I also find I can’t commit to learning a whole new strat game so late in the day (as I know I’ll be going between YouTube, forums and the game itself). I used to love learning new games but find it’s tough to force myself into a game unless I KNOW I’m going to like it.

Yes, the time and mental energy investment is real. I know exactly what you’re talking about, I get that a lot too especially when I’m burned out from work.

Same. I dabbled with the first game. Definitely interested in this one. There are so many other things to play though!