Aiandbox: game ai programming competition

I haven’t seen any posts about AiGameDev’s game ai challenge here yet. Some QT3ers were successful in past similar competitions.

In this game, you code a commander who gives high-level orders to a 5-man squad in a 1v1 ctf game. You can download and run the simulator locally. There are bindings for C++, python and Go, with Java to release soon (you communicate via a json api, so it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to do in whatever language you want).

The game is kind of like Frozen Synapse in that it’s 1-hit kills with some priorities on who kills whom. Defending bots shoot more quickly than walking bots, who shoot more quickly than running bots. There is a more detailed explanation here Also you can watch the videos here but they only seem to work in Chrome for me.

Anybody here doing this? I’ve only put a little bit of time into it, basically just getting a really dumb bot working.

Oh, this is the kind of game I’d like to see on the Google AI challenge.