AIAS videogame lobbying

I just received an email from the AIAS, asking me to join their new lobbying organisation, the Video Game Voters Network. I think that lobbying is something the games industry is weak at, especially in comparison to the movie industry, so its good to see something happening. From what I can tell its mostly a way to get people to send form-letter emails to their local representatives, voicing concern about the latest proposed legislation. This doesn’t seem to be an industry-only thing, just for game players in general. If anyone is interested in having a look, then check out

If this is considered P&R fodder then please feel free to move it there, or delete it if its considered shilling. I don’t work for the AIAS (although I am a member), I just figured that the games board here was full of adult gamers who might be interested.

Penny-Arcade had a good take on this today.

I’m with Gabe on this.