AICN interview with James Cameron

Worth a read if you are interested in what he’s been up to.

What are you? His kid brother?

Actually I do have a brother named James…

If I go to AICN my eyes explode, so …no.

He likes AvP.

Nice to see that the fawning sycophants of all things Hollywood over at AICN haven’t gotten over their exclamation point addiction!!!

Yeah, yeah, AICN is awful, we are all much too intelligent to condescend to read it – that’s all stipulated. Some of you, naturally, couldn’t resist posting to display your superiority to Aint It Cool News. But see, the words are actually Cameron’s. I think it’s interesting to see what’s on the mind of one of the better (and more reclusive) filmmakers around.

Feel free to make fun of exclamation points and ellipses some more, now.

Yes, odd. But he also made A, so there are some redeeming aspects to his personality.

The facts do not judge. They just are.

That’s deep!!!

(written… in AICN… style)

Cameron says that he’d rate AvP 3rd out of the 5 Alien films. That’s not exactly high praise. AvP, like Alien^3 and Alien Resurrection, was in fact pretty awful. Not Planet of the Apes awful(one or two cool setpieces apiece go a long way), but reasonably bad. I’d rank AvP 3rd too. A lot closer to 4th than 2nd.

But the problem is that Cameron and Scott were responsible for the good 2 Aliens films. Were they to have made the 5th movie it probably would’ve been the 3rd best film too, but it would be a lot closer to 2nd.

What exactly are you getting at here? ACN has an awful design and a style I (and probably many others) find very annoying. It’s literally difficult for me to read. It’s not a matter of feeling superior to a website.

Oh, yeah, AICN’s web design is worse than every 14 year old girl’s myspace page and the writing style is on par with same. Seriously, reading that interview deleted huge swathes of my brain, and now I can’t do trigonometry anymore.

Surprised nobody mentioned the MMOG blurb on Blues news several days ago.

Somebody needs to make a Firefox plug-in for situations like these (too rare to actually warrant it, though) when you might actually want to read an AICN article. I mean, you have to be colorblind, sit 10 feet from your monitor, and have the attention span of an astronaut (but the intellect roughly equivalent to a cheeseburger) in order to weather that site’s eye-melting design and rambling, empty-headed text.

View -> Page Style -> No Style helps somewhat.

I love me some Meister!