Air America

So I watched the documentary on HBO tonight.

Why hasn’t someone killed randi rhodes by now? Her entire persona is more irritating than finger nails on a chalk board. Politics aside, Randi Rhodes has to have the most annoying voice on the radio. While she is the worst, the entire station has such an annoying whine to it, I can see why no one listens.

Does anyone listen to it now? Has it gotten better? Did they dump randi rhodes? How many people has this station converted to become republicans?


I listen to it on XM Radio fairly often, although now that baseball season has started and XM has something like 20 channels dedicated to that, I’m not sure I’ll be listening as much.

Randi Rhodes is exactly that - irritating as hell. It doesn’t matter if I agree with most of her points or not, I simply cannot listen. That’s a huge component of doing a radio show that I have to wonder if the lefties understand or not - you can make all the good points in the world, but what good does that do your listeners if they’re too busy suppressing the urge to rip apart their stereo speakers with their teeth? Savage, Hannity, Limbaugh and the like may be Republican cheerleader cyborgs from hell, but at least they have radio-friendly voices.

Just last week, Jerry Springer replaced the one show that I unreservedly liked a great deal - “Unfiltered” (hosted by two women named Rachel, and Chuck D of Public Enemy). That was easily the highlight of the entire station. The Rachels weren’t annoying at all and in fact were decently funny (I think one is a comedian), call me a whigger if you must but Chuck D is a god amongst men, and while Jerry’s show isn’t awful or anything, he isn’t anywhere near being an adequate substitute. Never mind that despite the fact he’s taking this radio show super-seriously, it’s impossible to take him seriously because of his TV show. So that change sucks.

Ed Schultz is the male answer to Randi Rhodes. Gah, can’t listen.

Al Franken isn’t bad, but the skits fall really flat. I don’t know why his sense of humor translates so badly to radio but it just doesn’t work. He’d probably be better off trying to go the Springer route of playing it serious.

Then there’s a bunch of others I never listen to because I hardly ever bring my XM radio thing home from the office, and when in the car we only listen to music. I haven’t heard of any names that make me think “wow, I gotta set aside time to listen to them!”

Unfiltered’s hosts were Chuck D, Dr. Rachel Maddow and Lizz Winstead (who was one of the writing team of the Daily Show).

Air America just went up on air here in the Quad Cities, in the top 150 of media markets. Additionally, it’s up on a Clear Channel station. When it went up, there was a newspaper article saying that Air Amercia was on in over 50 markets. After some stumbles out of the gate, that’s an impressive number. Congratulations, Air America.

It’ll take time for them to develop talent. There wasn’t much of a market for opposite of Rush types.

Randi’s popularity is growing, and she’s trouncing the conservatives in most markets where she’s going head to head with them.

FWIW I think she’s awesome. In your face, but backed up with the facts. If you want soft and squishy there’s still NPR.

I can handle Al Franken in short bursts. The skits are bad (I hate that whole Oy Vey! thing), but he’s pretty good when he’s nailing O’Reilly or Limbaugh on their frequent stupidity.

The Majority Report show (with Sam Seder and Janeane Garafolo) is pretty entertaining. They have some good guests. I know Garafolo can be polarizing, but I don’t find her that annoying, unlike Randi Rhodes.

My favorite moment of the documentary was Micheal Moore getting pissed off at the Air America bigwig who compared him to Micheal Savage. I thought to myself, isn’t that exactly what Randi Rhodes is - the left counterpart to MS?

I can’t believe they hired Springer. That was a huge mistake.

I like Stephanie Miller a lot–she’s pretty funny. (My father likes her too, and he’s pretty conservative). Al Franken I can take or leave. The rest of the shows mostly annoy me (and I’m pretty liberal).

Listening to Randi Rhodes feels like listening to a left-wing Sean Hannity. Ed Shultz isn’t as bad, but I can still only take him in very short bursts. There are two guys on in the morning in Boston, can’t remember their names, who are occasionally funny, but they’re also mostly annoying.


Randi Rhodes does for talk radio what Medusa did for blind dates. That gorgon is supposed to appeal to me just because she occasionally spouts a few liberal sentiments between her rote attacks on right-wing policies and her rambling testimonials to her own cleverness?

I don’t hate Rush Limbaugh because his views are different than mine. I hate him because he is a venom-spewing ass. Air America needs to realize that “More of the same, only liberal!” is not going to appeal to a large part of their target demographic. I want to be right because my ideas are thoughtful and well-reasoned, not because “my side” can scream the loudest.

I’ve spent a total of probably 10 hours listening to it since it’s been available in the Seattle area, but I can’t stomach it anymore. For one, they’ve successfully imitated conservative talk radio, and that’s bad thing. Their jokes suck, their logic sucks, their fact-checking sucks, and any conservative who tunes in for a few minutes has surely felt justified in dismissing all “liberals” as nutjobs.

It’s too bad, because some of the folks involved were (I thought) smart and clever enough to deliver some true counterpoints to the neocon nonsense. Instead, they ended up being just like them.

More like, began up. Hopefully they’ll be honest enough to change their name to Air Liberal Demagoguery, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

To use Jon Stewart’s words: Stop Hurting America.

I’m not getting it. Maybe it’s the fact that I never listened to the conservative stuff, but I’m enjoying a little red meat every now and again.

I’m one of the biggest left-wing wackos I know, and I can’t stand Air America. Like their windbag counterparts in conservative radio punditry, they’re shrill, hyperbolic, frequently self-contradictory, and patently unfunny.

See, I know liberals can be none of the above: the Daily Show rocks.

And I agree with chet, here: they all have terrible radio presence. Three words out of Randi Rhodes’ mouth and I’ve gone back to the milquetoast confines of NPR. I’ll take organic gardening tips and BoSox poetry readings over her spastic, screeching delivery.

Exactly. When they get a radio version of Jon Stewart and Co., then I’ll listen.