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That is a single-hose, get a dual-hose.

“The hot part is on the inside. What do portable (single hose) AC’s do? They suck in indoor air through these vents, blow it across a condenser to cool it off, and blow it outside”

Yes, it throws away the air you just cooled OUTDOORS

Second point is the negative pressure means the hot humid air is being sucked back in to replace the air you just threw away.

Love the “lowers to 53 decibels” with the picture of the sleeping baby, as if 53 is quiet.

oh they are not quiet. I just installed one a couple of weeks ago. But it beats the hell out of 90 F+ rooms.

I bet. I was trying to find one for my son weeks ago, when it got so hot up here.

When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time at my father’s mother’s place in Atlanta, waiting for my father to either finish a deployment to someplace like Vietnam or to find us housing in a duty station like the Philippines or whatever. And when we were in country for a while we often stayed with my grandmother, or at least visited a lot. Anyhow, I usually slept in a little room off of the living room, a porch with tile floors and louvered windows. Two of the walls were covered with these horizontal windows that cranked open and shut with a little hand crank, and which were screened of course. Being shaded by the leaves of some big trees, and being on the corner to catch breezes, it was actually rather comfy in the summer months, more so than the rest of the house until grandma finally got AC eventually. But the house was at least built in the 1920s or so, and was built before people had AC, so it was far, far nicer inside in the hot months than any of the newer construction stuff that might not have AC.

Outta what I’m willing to pay, that’s 6 days of hotel room , and I should have it fixed within 4-5.

I’ve got several of those “portable air conditioners” that vent out the window since our condo complex does not allow us to use regular window air conditioners. They do work to keep the condo cool, but they are very noisy. If you decide to get one, get the highest capacity one you can and put it in a smaller room and it should be fine.

I’ve got one in my office, which I use to try to keep the room cool particularly when the PC is running, and on warmer days, it just can’t keep up. A second one does a decent job in the master bedroom, but is quite noisy (in spite of claims that it had a quiet mode). When the temperature gets past the mid-90s, I put on a third one in the living room. If I start running all three early in the day, the ~1200 square foot condo stays more or less cool until outside temperatures exceed ~95. It’s tolerable but not particularly pleasant when temperature outside is low hundreds. It is rather loud inside though.

You should tape a hose to the back of your pc and stick that out the window too :)

Thsi is the exact situation I"m in, while facing several days of no AC due to it breaking.

I saw a $25-40 model at Target-Walmart that I thought would allow me to sleep at least. I couldn’t find it this morning.

Wow, that’s really cheap. I got two from Amazon and the third from my neighbors when they moved to a real house with air conditioning. These are both out of stock (and I think replaced with newer models).

The little one that has trouble keeping up with the PC (also in a very warm room with a high ceiling and a skylight which is glorious in the winter, not so much in the summer) was $400. I just checked and the room is roughly 10’ by 11’ so the AC is not doing very well given that it’s supposed to handle 350-450 square feet.

The one in the bedroom that does pretty well was $600. That room is roughly 11’ x 12.5’ and has a standard height ceiling and no skylight or PC in it. Also does not get much afternoon sun.

The one from the neighbors is an LG. No idea what it retails for.

What you probably want then is a fan and then a way to wet your blanket. Perhaps some clever capillary action.

When I was a kid I’d hang a wet towel in front of the fan but I got a lot of little electric shocks.

That’s because they LIE.

  • 10000 BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 5500 BTU (DOE+ 2017 Standard)

The 5500 BTU is the actual BTU with the more accurate standards.

We cover our skylight in summer with some of that sun-blocking mesh stuff. Pretty effective. It was like a greenhouse before.

That’s a really good idea and probably would help a lot with the heat, unfortunately the bottom edge of the skylight is 11’ up and I don’t have a ladder that’s going to get anywhere near that high.

That’s pretty much what it feels like in there some days.

You could just get some black spraypaint and just like, point it up. Probably gonna want to wear a hat.

We use this stuff on some regular windows too. It’s just pleated white paper that sticks up and reflects some of the light. Seems to help.

Putting up with this until Wed or Thurs. Ugh.

Also $1000 down the drain.

The A/C is out at work on the main part of the building. This is what the city has us using.

They suck.

I own a new build (moved in January 2020) and had my AC’s condenser replaced in 2021. The repair company was the same one that installed most of the units in my neighborhood and the guy said that there must have been a bad batch since he’d been out and replaced 3-4 of them all around the same age.

Last Wednesday the air stopped blowing cold so I figured it might be the crappy condenser again. Dude came out and ended up replacing 3 lbs of coolant but never could find any blockage or leaks. Either via his testing kit that pressures the system up or just using leak detector and looking. System worked for a couple of days then again, no cold air. This time I went out and noticed the copper line to the outside unit had some ice. Shut everything and the guy came back out and spent more time testing and looking for leaks. Even actually pulled the coils out a bit to check in the back even though pressure was good which should indicate there is no leak or blockage. Found nothing and the system ran great for a couple of hours while he was there testing. Until yesterday when again it stopped blowing cold air (this time less than 24 hours of good use)

Since the issues started up last Wednesday I have noticed moisture under the outside unit and condensation on the copper tubing outside which did start to frost up yesterday when the system stopped and I went out to look. So I turned off the system for a few hours and turned it back on last night and it ran fine (just like when the repair guy has been here) and sometime in the middle of the night stopped. So again I left it off a few hours and it’s now running fine.

So I’m trying to time getting someone out when the problem starts but that’s kind of impossible. And once I leave the unit off for a few hours to presumably let it thaw it runs fine. I think I’ve noticed that the inside fan won’t turn on after the unit stops working, but I can’t say for sure because it will work when I go to tinker with the system and it’s hard to pinpoint when the problem actually starts since it can take a while for the temp to rise and we notice the system has actually shut off and isn’t just in the normal phase where the fan isn’t on.

Mostly venting but if anyone has any great ideas, I’m all ear.

The copper line should be insulated, in a foam sleeve or something, shouldn’t it? Mine is at least.