Air Guitar Hero? You have got to be freaking kidding me

And it has a CES video!

I think that rocks and I will be getting it ;)

I wish that had come out before Christmas. But that is definitely great.

That’s just like playing the paper towel dispenser at my office bathroom.

Looks neat.

kinda cool. Does this make the world air guitar championships a more interesting event?

I’ve watched that video 5 times now.

It never fails to make me laugh when the guys says “We’ve taken the air guitar phenomenon, and put it into a youth electronic item.”

This air guitar toy was at Think Geek before Christmas. I almost got one for somebody.

That cracked me up too (though not enough to watch 5 times). It kinda destroys his rocker persona.

… it would be cooler if it was a product that worked with the real Guitar Hero and it used some kind of EyeToy type of device with the 360 so placement of your fingers on invisible frets actually mattered. :)

P.S. Love the feathered hair.

Only losers play Air Guitar Hero. Why wouldn’t you just learn to play real Air Guitar?

Yeah I’m failing to see how this is different from putting headphones on and turning on your Walkman with your awesome mixtape of G&R and Poison to go with your 80’s hair.

But then you wouldn’t get the limited songlist or the easily-lost special pick!

Give it a year, don’t waste your money on this… because I have it on good authority AIR BAND is coming out. You get two air guitars, air drums and a hairbrush microphone. Amazingly it all fits into a 3" by 6" box.

Man, I’ve been playing that shit with my friends since forEVER. You all are just jumping on the AirBandwagon.

Completely agree. Just get this guy to do it…

Air bands are THE BEST.