Air Purifiers - Purify That Air!

I’m looking into getting an air purifier before wildfire season kicks up. The air quality last year was worst in the world for a week or two.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole of Amazon reviews for various air purifiers all morning, so I’m looking here for some advice. I don’t plan on using it all year round, but mainly when the air quality is bad.

Any recommendations?

Haven’t tried it for smoke, but this little guy has been on 24/7 for almost 3 years in my bedroom.

I just got the Wirecutters top pick, the Conway. I really need to change the filters but It works well enough. If I ever do a lot of frying it goes crazy for awhile and it’s not even close to the kitchen. I do wish it worked with smart plugs.

During last August’s smoke season I supplemented it with filters taped to box fans.

If smoke is a certainty (and it is, sadly) I would be looking at something like this Rabbit Air unit:

I assume Wirecutter doesn’t like it because of the cost. Woodworkers and cigar shops love it, which tells you something.

Researching air purifiers is frustrating because they’re mostly kind of cheap and manufactured by difficult-to-contact-for-support entities, and there are some expensive vendors like Molekule that aren’t effective or sell based on style.

We’re surrounded by smokers on all sides in our apartment building and it leaks in here despite our best efforts to the contrary. We’ve had good success keeping the air quality up with a couple of these:

Get whatever the wirecutter says.

Heh. Yeah. That’s my first stop for most electronics. Haven’t been steered wrong yet.

I love the thread title. So good.

This is what I use. FPR 10 filter over a regular box fan. Saves about $250.