Airplane pr0n


Some favorites from the Geneseo air show in 2012, and Oshkosh 2014:

Edit: special bonus Corsair in its natural state: too fast to easily track.


P-38 Lightning

Totally awesome aircraft, especially in its later variants.

Also, the aircraft from 1942!


My favorite WWII airplane. It’s humble looking, but it is one of the war’s great airplanes. The Douglas SBD “Dauntless” Dive Bomber. Its crews said SBD stood for “Slow But Deadly” and at the Battle of Midway no plane was more deadly as SBDs destroyed four Japanese aircraft carriers. The example pictured was recovered from the bottom of Lake Michigan, where several crashed in training accidents, and was restored to the specifications of one that flew from the USS Enterprise (CV-6) during the battle. It’s the centerpiece of the battle exhibit at Chicago’s Midway Airport and is well worth checking out if you’re ever there.


I like this thread much more than I thought I would.

This is a good thread.


Love the dauntless too, it is just outside of my top 2!


What about some B1-B action? Currently (?) keeping things kosher between us and North Korea. (Unless that has changed.)


Best. Plane. Ever.


Man, there are a LOT of airplanes


For airplane pr0n, a Flying Tiger shark mouth is mandatory:



I’ve never seen this thing before. It’s gorgeous. Disney needs to install one in Tomorrow Land.


For pure cool I’ve always loved the F-104. It’s always felt like the muscle car of fighters.

Plus it gets a few bonus points for recycling.

On the other hand I have to throw out a couple of other pics because the delta wings look amazing in a different way.



In the realm of unusual, how about something Swedish?


I love WW2 era fighter planes. How about the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk?

Saw a lot of action in wartime and was popular in movies too. John Wayne flew them in Flying Tigers, plus it’s the plane John Belushi’s character flew in 1941.


The Tornado is my favorite.


This is the AC-130J Ghostrider. It has a 105mm cannon, a 30mm gun, and it can carry a bomb or missile payload. It is death for anyone on the ground.


Is that the one used in the Modern Warfare games?


Close. The one people know from Desert Storm was the AC-130H. The J is the latest model as the H got cycled out.


This thread needs a Spitfire:


Love the SBD. If you haven’t yet, might want to look up Dauntless by Barrett Tillman.


Add that Flying Tiger to an A-10.

Double sexy.