Airplane pr0n


Best thing about the A10 is that it’s basically invincible.

Also, the GAU-8 is a ridiculous gun.


I thought this thread was going to be about what the guy who sits next to me on a commuter flight is watching on his iPad.


Thank you. That’s a great read. Someone needs to make a movie out of it!


I remember seeing this particular A-10 damage

and thinking, woah, that’s better than the Matrix


This shouldn’t be limited to military planes. The National Air & Space Museum’s DC-3 is gorgeous:



That reminds me of the story about some old plane. They started patching holes where the surviving planes came back and determined that’s where it needed extra armor. They failed to account for all those planes that got shot in actual critical spots and failed to come back.



Another Chicago Lake Michigan salvage. This F4F Wildcat was restored as a replica of the one flown by Meal of Honor recipient (and airport namesake) Butch O’Hare in the Battle of the Coral Sea. It can be seen at O’Hare Airport’s Terminal 2, around the corner from the TSA screening site.


Ya, well there’s not really any part of an A10 that is vulnerable. It’s one of the most gloriously engineered things in existence. Every system has tripple redundancy, the pilot sits in a virtually indestructible titanium tub. The thing’s aerodynamics are such that it can stay in the air after losing some ridiculous amount of its wing area like two thirds. Its engines are seemingly indestructible, and will just chew up metal shrapnel that enters them, and even so, it only needs one to fly.


I found it! WW2 lessons in survivorship bias. TL;DR put armor on engines, not fuselage.


My first stealth game. F-117 Nighthawk.

And love for the B-52.


I always thought of nose paintings as comical, but those sharks are friggin’ scary in formation like that.

This thread needs moar ME 262 love



Sorry forgot to upload pic.


The biggest bomber of them all. Six turnin’ and four burnin’, the B-36:


I love all the airplane love in this thread. Tom already started things off with my favorite plane of all time, the wonderful, WONDERFUL, A-10 Warthog:

So I’ll show some of my other favorites. My favorite planes tend to be ground-attack planes. Not solely bombers, but planes that are also great at strafing and the like. Therefore, my second favorite plane is the amaaaaazing A-1 Skyraider:

A legendary airplane that is sort of the precursor to the A-10 in how well it can handle close ground support roles. Next up is the P-47 Thunderbolt:

Which was a decent fighter, but really made a name for itself in a ground-attack role.

Next up is my OTHER favorite jet plane, one that can pretty much do it all, the amazing Eurofighter (I’m biased as EF2000 is my favorite jet sim):

Next up is my favorite non-military plane, thanks to the old Tales of the Golden Monkey show, the Grumman G-21 Goose:

Finally, I know we’re talking about planes, but I can’t talk about aircraft without naming my favorite helicopter ever, the Russian Mi-24 Hind:

Aircraft are the bestest.


Lots of nice rare beasties in this thread (love the Black Widow and the Arado bomber) but this is probably the rarest one Ive come across IRL


what about the B-24 liberator?

My great uncle flew in one of these in WW2

Check out where he sat!


The Black Widow. 'Nuff said.


From the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, WI:

From the Blue Angles in 2015: