Airplane pr0n


No B-2 love yet?

That’s a B-2B, from the Air Force site. Supposedly they’re gonna retire soon, but first we’d need to see the replacements.


B-58 Hustler

The Black Widow is the winner of this thread though.


The first time I saw the Blue Angels perform they were flying the F11F Tiger, a classically beautiful jet:


One of my friends was showing old pictures of her dad and it turned out he flew the twin-bodied Mustang post-war, which was an awesome rarity.


Don’t be silly. They’ll be invisible.


A late family friend was a Polish RAF officer who flew one of these beasts: A Spitfire Mark XIV with clipped wings for improved mid-altitude performance, a Rolls-Royce Griffon engine and a 5-bladed prop. His job was to hunt down V-1 flying bombs.


I’m not a Nazi, I just… like their planes.

Me 163 Komet

I wonder if that Munchausen on the nose is original? Appropriate, since the Nazis made a Munchausen film (it’s rather good, too).


I’m old-school:

oh… did it actually have to leave the ground?


Best topic EVER.

You guys are in for it when I get home to my PC. Lots of local air shows + 400mm lens = Denny with tons of geeky airplane photos. This is the Flying Heritage Collection’s B-25 (owned by Paul Allen), which is supposed to be the most authentic restoration around, down to the WW2 emergency kits, etc.


I confess I find some of them very appealing too.
A Focke-Wulf 190-D9’s side view is one the most refined display of lines (I’m trying hard to avoid any word containing the letters p, u and r here).

It’s like a flying feline.

As far as helo goes, I think the Sea King is magnificient.


More please!


That’s some steady panning there sir.


You really have to admire the MASTERy with which they tRACEd that silhouette.


I got to fly on one of those several times as a kid. Fastest way to get from the island we lived on to the one with the actual airport on it.

Also, this thread needs more civil aviation love.


My Dad built this Falco F8l over the course of about 7 years and probably 10,000 hours, out of aircraft grade spruce plywood, and fabric control surfaces, from plans.

It flew as it good as looked.


That is awesome, @Strollen. Folks who get kits/plans and build their own planes just amaze me.


Here’s me in the JP-19 Advanced Fighter Prototype I flew after college. It was very fast, but due to unresolved cockpit issues it never made it to production.


I used to be a commercial pilot, but got sidetracked by going to college and then grad school…

Started as a flight engineer (in 2007!) on these (DC-6):

Then got to fly airplanes with nose art …

I also flew EMB-120s for a while, but the C-46s were the coolest.


If one can assign such a moniker, I think the Dassault Rafale is (maybe) the sexiest fighter ever made. The French know how to do curves.


I grew up believing the Harrier was the bee’s knees.