Airplane pr0n


Some day, my DCS installation is going to look that pretty. Today is not that day.


What about HORSE PLANE (at the Lexington Aviation Museum):



Great thread.

For whatever reason this plane is my starting point for what a “real” aircraft is. The Dakota is no looker , but she is/was one hard working plane, always muddied up one way or another. Hell you can even throw guns on and it works.


The grandfather of the A10

The Shturmovik IL-II I always thought had a surprisingly good lines for an attack plane. I saw a flying one in Oshkosh, and several at the Great Patriotic War Museum outside of Moscow.



Because this thread should include the world’s largest airplane:


Now this is some hardcore shit



THE Air Superiority fighter.

And the plane that lil Jon had models of all over his room.


Excellent admission. I soloed in a Cessna 150 but took the 172 out multiple times. Sadly, my plans for private pilot were sidetracked due to costs not far into my training and once I hit college my interests changed and I unfortunately didn’t go back. I soloed at 17 years old, however.


Everyone likes to give the F35 shit, but it’s still gonna be a pretty badass plane. Probably the last plane that has a human pilot we’re ever gonna build.


I approve of your tastes in aircraft.

Also, I have a soft spot for this simple yet effective design:




We should also have some Vulcan pr0n:


Only if we’re stupid. There will come a time where we cannot depend on our satellites and data streams due to enemy interference. The only way to ensure planes do what they need to do in a parity war is to have humans in them. Of course for most of the current operations we perform we really don’t need humans.

But going totally human-less is like the Nazi’s putting all their confidence in the Engima. Bad.


Nah, you just built autonomy into them. You don’t need to have a person controlling them remotely.



Short runway competition


Amazing. That plane probably weighs less than I do.


I love the big tires on those bush planes. They have an almost cartoonish look to them.


Are rotary wing aircraft allowed? Because my favorite chopper of all time (ALL TIME!) is the Sikorsky Skycrane. Wonder if it could be the subject of an interesting flight sim?

(Also confession; when I posted the Cessna 172 earlier, I actually had the 150 in mind. Forgive me rivet-counters, for I have sinned.)


I too love the Skycrane. Such a marvelous machine.


I’ll never forget watching a Skycrane lift the top sections of a Chicago skyscraper into place. Just an awesome sight.