Airplane pr0n



The Aircrane can be fitted with a 2,650-gallon (~10,000 liter) fixed retardant tank to assist in the control of bush fires, and it has proved itself admirably in this role. The helicopter is capable of refilling 10,000 liters of water in 45 seconds from a water slide of only 18 inches or 46 cm thick.



Apparently they’re used right here in LA for fire fighting, which makes me sleep a little better at night:


I saw something like this lift a huge ass air conditioner (?) to the top of a very tall building once.


Sounds about right:


It is pretty cool. Reminds me of the eagle spaceship from Space 1999, lol.


I DO want skynet.


Time to punch a Skynet collaborator in the face.


Don’t come crawling to me when one of these is chasing you.


Hey, those aren’t airplanes!

My pick. The Valkyrie. Saw this in Dayton, OH. You would not believe how far off the ground the nose is.

Another shot of the huge delta wing:


No worries, man. Quick tip, the 150 has a single side window and is very easy to spot because of that. There are so many Cessna models it’s absolutely hard to keep track. An old coworker of mine has a decked out 182 with very modern avionics and I was astonished just how much has changed over time.



The Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the world’s first high-altitude commercial aircraft:




If I’m going to be honest, the only WWII era plane that I have any real affection for is the B17 Flying Fortress, due to having a childhood friend that was obsessed with them. It is, quite frankly, a fairly un-lovely design, but one I’m fond of nonetheless.

“What if there are enemies on the sides of us?”
“Uh, let’s just cut a hole in the side and put a machine gun in it.”
“Sounds good, let’s call it a day.”


I love everything you guys have posted. Here are two more funky ones.

The video above of the short take-off contest reminded of a plane I’ve always liked: the Fieseler Storch.

And also the wooden wonder, the de Havilland Mosquito.


Heh, early models had Plexiglas blisters for the side guns, but a simple cut-out was found to be more efficient.


Scenes you’d never have actually seen in WW2…


The Concorde - 1,350 MPH, 60,000 feet…in a passenger jet.


One of the more awesome economic boondoggles… :)


The Stetson Stratoliner, an awesome 1940s hat: