Airplane pr0n


I travel regularly through the Frankfurt am Main airport, and I couldn’t help but notice that while the security checks are performed by German staff, the passport check for Schengen entry are almost systematically done by French border guards.
That was a stretchy way to try to jump back on topic!


I doubt it.


We get a great free airshow in Bournemouth every year. A few of my favs taken over the years. Hope people dont mind the amount

Bird in Flight

Vulcan Bomber

Red Arrow Wave

Eurofighter Sillhouette


Hawker Hunter Miss Demeanour

Vulcan Bomber


Lancaster Spitfire and Hurricane

Catalina Sea Plane


The title of the thread is “Airplane pr0n”. I’m pretty sure people here won’t mind. ;)





If I were a member of the idle rich, I would 100% buy a PBY for adventurous family vacations. Go-nearly-anywhere-with-water performance, giant side blisters for sightseeing kids, room for all your camping stuff and more, and just general coolness.

Alas, it is not to be, but if I ever hit the Powerball or something…


I saw one on a lake in Idaho once. It’s got to beat driving through the mountains as a way of getting to your fishing destination.


Make sure you’re all really good swimmers. Landing those things can be… tricky.


Are we just focusing on military aeroplanes? If not, I would recommend this site: I must admit I like the views _from_airplanes better than the planes themselves, but still, worth a visit!


I don’t think this has been posted yet, which is frankly shocking. The Piasecki HRP-1 “Flying Banana”:


I stopped off in Speyer earlier this week, which aside from a Romanesque cathedral and a very unbombed city centre, has a superb Technik museum there, including the Soviet space shuttle and a 747 and a An-22 that can be happily clambered over. In addition, an awful lot of Cold War stuff from both sides. Highly recommended…


Hoooly wow. Great Pics!


The 747 is partially dismantled inside so you can clamber round the rear cargo hold, see the pressure bulkhead and walk out on the wing too.

The kids particularly enjoyed the slide back down.


Kermit Weeks Hangar is one of the best historical aviation Youtube channels out there, but this was a particular treat for a flying boat nerd like me.


Wow, that’s a huge plane.



This is a great thread! So many great choices and really you can’t go wrong with anything with wings. So many fighters though, how bout a little “heavy” love. I respectfully submit the best aircraft I ever flew, the might C-5 Galaxy, or FRED. (Fun note these are pictures of tails I’ve actually flown).

EDIT: This got me nostalgic so I went through my old photos and picked out a few more from my trips:

Cockpit pr0n

Air refueling pr0n

Snowy FRED

FRED doing what FRED does best (sitting broke)


Excellent sir, thank you. Nothing works if the logistics guys aren’t working.


Fantastic stuff! Thanks for posting those.