Airport CEO & Sim Airport - anyone here playing these 2 games?

I have both but have not tried to play much as they are pretty daunting. Curious if anyone here has a handle on either of these titles?

I own Sim Airport, and have the other on Wishlist. Both are still in EA, so I don’t know much. I played a very little of Sim Airport, and found it lacking in fun. Hoping a campaign mode when in full release cures that.

I’d recommend watching some YT videos. Keralis does a good job of explaining these types of games, and calling out their strong points. He’s a bit of an optimist too, so you won’t get too much negative.

Does he do tutorials?

I don’t think he categorizes his videos as tutorials, but you can absolutely learn how to play by watching him.

25 years ago I would have enjoyed a game like this. Nearly everything about flying sucks these days though. (From the perspective of a passenger in the US at least.)


It’s not really tied to this but this is why I came here as I was thinking Sim Airport might be one: are there any of those tower controller simulator still around? I loved Kennedy Approach. I got then a very textual one on my Macintosh 20 years ago, but I forgot its name.
I seem to remember one popping up on Steam a couple of years ago, but it didn’t look like what I wanted (probably too hardcore), and the phone-like “draw paths” twitch games are too casual.
Sorry for attempting to hijack your airport thread, Jeff!

You made me go look at SimAirport because I thought this meant it left EA. It has not…

I wouldn’t want to run an airport, but a civilian airplane sim (Xplane) having a baby with or just gobbling up Euro Truck Sim 2 would be heaven.

Hoping the new ms flight sim will have something like fseconomy built in.

There are some ATC games that are web based. There is an old game probably still out there that used speech recognition as well and was used for training, but on my phone at the moment.

We need Chris Roberts to create a sim where we can fly planes, drive trucks and buses, walk around neighborhoods, and do some yard work at our own homes in the evenings.

This is the one I remember:
There are a number of web based ones like:

And then searching I found a couple:

I found the one I was thinking of, it was called Tower!3D.

But I didn’t like its presentation at all.

I have never been able to get speech recognition to work (probably because of my terrible English) but the phone game sounds interesting. I never thought about checking there.
Meanwhile, ATC simulator looks pretty amazing! Probably too hardcore for somebody merely looking for a game like me, but that is a sexy beast.