Ajit Piehole doesn't believe starlink is low latency

What do you all think? Can’t stand Ajit and he may be doing this out of spite or to help his buddies. But I no longer like Elon since he’s decided to throw science into the trash for the sake of profit.

Low latency or not?

Easy enough for Musk to prove. The service is up and running with several hundred satellites available to demonstrate performance.

But I don’t know how to choose which person I hate more in a battle between Ajit Pai and Elon Musk.

It’s definitely a case where mutual annihilation would be the best possible outcome. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll somehow escalate into pistols at dawn.

Knowing Elon it’ll be laser pistols… on the moon

In this fight I’ll support the crazy asshole who is building companies that are actually innovating and pushing several stagnant industries forward over the useless asshole supporting those companies that are trying to keep those industries stagnant. Elon may be a horrible human being that I’d never work for, but at least he’s making some positive impact on the world.

Very true.

A relatively low bar, but yeah, the logic seems to hold.

Obviously this, but he can use the fact that Starlink is unproven as a shield - even though that has never mattered in the past. I mean, this is laughable:

You know, because we haven’t already thrown billions of dollars to the traditional ISPs to build out rural infrastructure and received… this exact result.

I dunno, I’m not aware of Pai actively trying to spread the coronavirus nor trying to blot out the night sky, so I still think it’s a wash.

Get 'em in the squared circle!

Another good argument.

Even before the 'Rona, this made me consider Musk a net negative to the world.

I’ll give you the first one, but I’m a bit biased on wanting Starlink to succeed. I’m stuck with garbage rural “broadband” thanks to CenturyLink and would really enjoy an option that let’s me leave them.

It’s a false dilemma to choose between the two, but there is no way in hell I’m siding with Elon on anything, and losing the night sky for shitty broadband does not convince me of anything other than I’ve got yet another reason to hate a guy I didn’t need another reason for.

If it comes down to a battle of intellect, Ajit is doomed.

Ajit’s just protecting the existing broadband providers like a good Trump stooge.

A very understandable motivation. The solution though IMO would be to treat good broadband access more like a vital utility than a consumer product. Force government-industry collaboration with the baseline goal of getting everyone, no matter how remote their home, solid broadband connections (and that means physical connections, mostly). The only real obstacle is cost (installation and maintenance) which, while not inconsiderable to be sure, is certainly tolerable given our national resources. If we actually cared.

As bad as and as twisted as Musk is, Pai is worse.

Pai is currently in a position to do more damage, certainly, but the more power and influence Musk gets the worse off we’re going to be in the long run.

Assuming this doesn’t happen, what should people do? At most Starlink is going to disadvantage some alphanerds, many of them already on the government payroll. /s