Al Franken's Senate Announcement Video

When I first heard, Franken was going to run for Senate in Minnesota, I sorta dismissed it as yet another celebrity gimmick campaign. However, check out his campaign announcement video:

Wow, that’s really quite good.

I was rather impressed with that. I wish him luck.

Excellent stuff.

Can he start tomorrow, please.

I think Al will make a strong candidate, his views are mainstream and appealing and he’ll be able to disable the wave of GOP attack ads coming his way with humor.

If he makes it out of the primaries it will set up a grudge match of sorts.
Al was good friends with Paul Wellstone, Coleman beat Mondale after Wellstone died.

I’ve never read any of his books nor seen any of his standup routines so I don’t really know if this is considered funny by the standards of his fans, but I thought this was a very well done satire of the “typical two-face rich guy pretending to be a normal joe” running for office. I think I’ll pick up one of his books this weekend. Any recommendations?

His original work, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, is a little dated. Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them is a bit more topical and I think better researched. Either way, both are sort of satirical pieces that make for quick reads if you’ve ever want to just hear a republican roasted with little disgregard for the big picture.

The Truth is quite good.

Supply Side Jesus is alone worth the purchase price.

Actually I think the last Franken book The Truth (with jokes) is his best one, and also the most topical. It has more of a big picture approach and less personal roasting (although it does feature plenty of that). I think that book shows some intellectual and/or political maturation on his part.

If he can beat Norm Coleman it will make me smile.

uhh, i don’t think that Octonoo is actually looking for recommendations. i think he is making fun of franken.

I didn’t watch the video because even though I’m guessing it was funnier than his comedy, that’s still not funny enough.

We aren’t letting his negativity bring us down.

People who have the time and ability to run for political office by definition have too much money and leisure time.

I wasn’t making fun of Al Franken, I thought it was a satire political ad that he nailed, deadpan and all. After the fact, I even wondered if this was a joke related to the so-called Rush Limbaugh for President and Ann Coulter for Vice-President “campaign” that someone mentioned to me a few days ago.

But, after looking more into this, apparently he is actually seriously running and so I admit he “fooled” me (even though that wasn’t his intent) and that I was mistaken. Now that I know the truth, I wish him the best of luck and if he is running against candidates that are, in reality, “typical two-face rich guys pretending to be a normal joes,” I hope he wins for his state.

After reading the customer comments on the link Sharpe provided, I am picking up “The Truth (with jokes).” I’m not going to bother with getting “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” because quite frankly, the title said it all and I need no further explanation on why he is.

hah, okay, guess i was “fooled” too.

Though you wouldn’t know funny if it drilled a hole in your skull and attached an electrode directly to the part of your monkey brain that causes chimps like you to scream and rhythmically beat their chimpy hands on the ground in their best approximation of human laughter, you don’t have to worry because the video actually is not supposed to be funny.

I am a Minnesotan.

I drove a taxi in St Cloud last summer, and here is my take/experience:

50% of my fares were “charges”, i.e., paid for by the state, and 60% of those were Somalians that I was shutteling to and from their state supported housing to their state supported medical care. 90% of those did not speak English, and wore traditional Muslim dress, and showed no inclination to assimilate.

So you’re voting for Franken?