Al Gore Godwins the Climate Change Debate

As soon as the climate starts machine gunning people into mass graves then I’ll buy a Prius. I promise.

Al Gore is doing what is good for Al Gore. Good for him.

But as always, you don’t listen to salespeople. Ever. ??

I, uh, think you wanted “roused” there, Al.

You don’t find Winston Churchill attractive?

So if Al Gore is war-mongering Winston Churchill, climate change is the Nazis, Americans are the ones that will save everyone, then who are the Russians who are already doing most of the heavy lifting?

Al’s weak understanding of WW2 revisionist history makes me even less likely to listen to him talk about global warming. But on the other hand, I only listen to scientists anyway. ;)

To be fair, if Britain capitulated in 1940, Germany would have probably won despite fierce Russian resistance.

If Britain had capitulated (negotiated peace or whatever) in 1940, the war in Europe would have been over.

Germany didn’t attack the USSR until 1941. While it is certainly POSSIBLE that Germany might still have ended up at war with the USSR in some fashion even after a British defeat, there are no guarantees that would have happened.

BTW, going by what the Times of London story quotes, this strikes me more as Godwin by proxy. The printed quotes don’t show Gore labeling his opponents as Nazis, but then, casting himself (more or less) in this struggle as Winston Churchill isn’t terribly subtle.

Maybe if I get motivated I’ll actually watch the video.


I think war between Germany and Russia would have been inevitable at that point. The most noticeable strategic difference would have been the ability of Germany to concentrate all it’s air force resources and R&D to the Eastern Front and it’s conditions, as well as diverting resources from it’s submarine corps ect, to land forces.

There’s a little part of me that’s thankful Gore lost to Bush in 2000.

Yeah, really dodged a bullet there …

C’mon guys we need to give Goldman Sachs a few more billion!

how many degrees of adolf hitler are you allowed before you can’t be accused of godwinning?

I thought that tree with a toothbrush mustache looked odd.

Watching the video, so you don’t have to…

Wow - he’s very dull, especially for someone who should have had lots of public speaking experience. Gets a bit better in the middle, but still…

Anyways, in the 6 minute, 10 second clip up on the Times Online site, the Winston Churchill stuff wasn’t mentioned (unless I missed it, but I doubt it).

i.e. The video excerpt doesn’t include the part that’s getting folks a bit fired up. So I can’t really assess the context.

I’d love to be Gore’s speechwriter.

We shall fight greenhouse gasses on the rapidly eroding beaches, we shall fight them on the landing grounds of our private jets, we shall fight in the biofuel fields and in the streets from our black SUVs, we shall fight in the hills of Aspen or wherever our third and fourth homes are located; we shall never surrender

It’s really Gore’s finest hour.

You do all realize you wouldn’t be able to slam Mr. Gore on the internet if he hadn’t invented it? Just sayin’…

What on earth are you talking about? Attacking the USSR was the prime strategic goal of the Hitler regime. The attack on the UK was merely because they refused to stay out of Germany’s way as it conquered continental Europe.

You do realize that Nazi Germany and the USSR were still allies at the time? If anything the ongoing war with Britain made Germany LESS likely to invade the Soviet Union, and indeed the resource draw contributed to dooming the effort from the outset.