Al Michaels traded for a cartoon bunny

At first, I thought I had accidently stumbled onto a headline from an Onion story. But it’s true: Michaels traded from ABC to NBC for a cartoon bunny

Good. Wow, do you think Al finally got what he wanted with Madden in the booth or what? It’s always been strongly rumored that Al’s greatest wish was to work with just one knowledgeable guy in the booth who has a modicum of personality dynamics and a sense of teamwork. When you look at his past coworkers (Gifford, Dierdorf, Boomer, Miller+Foutz), all of which came up short in one or all of those fairly sensible criteria, it’s no wonder he’d bounce his tenured MNF spot to be with John. Yeah, Madden can be annoying and quixotic, but Al was looking at rocking the booth on ABC with Joe Thiesman (who will now work with - is this right? - Tony Korneiser on MNF) until further notice. Plus, it’s clear they have established a solid repoire with each other. Madden shuts up (and has, on occasion, even muttered a quick, genuine “Oh, sorry , Al” apology when he’s talked over him), Madden is easy as Hell to set up for his analysis, and no netowrk exec dipshit is going to feel the nervous pull to put anyone else in the booth with those two guys already in it.

And, well, ESPN got some Ryder cup broadcasts and some other stuff too.