Al Swearengen to join Woody Allen movie

Deadwood star Ian McShane will be joining the ensemble cast Woody Allen is putting together for his next feature, to be shot in London, England, says Variety.

The actor, who plays brothel owner Al Swearengen on HBO’s show, joins Scarlett Johannson, who will be making her second film with Allen after Match Point.

McShane will make the Allen movie and be back in time to film the third season of Deadwood.

He’ll keep that fuckin’ cocksucker straight!

… rumor has it that Woody required him to bring several of Woo’s chinese whores to get the job. :lol:

I remembered seeing him in one of the Spy Kids movies when I saw him on Deadwood. It just helped to reinforce that some actors are really good. Actually most of the cast of Deadwood does a really good job of disappearing into their characters. It’s remarkable when compared to other actors who (in my mind) can’t seem to shake off who they are versus who they are playing.