Aladdin live action movie from Disney and Guy Ritchie


I mean, I guess I saw Hitch and that was fun if vapid. With a better script that character could be better. :D


These Disney live action things started off bad and have gotten worse after every release. I get that it prints money for them but no thank you. (And this is from a huge Disney fan who goes to Disneyland at least once a month)


It’s not just you. It looked like a Snapchat face swap filter or something, his face was just kind of a layer sitting on top of an unrelated cg body.

I think his features are too skinny for the very wide genie face, so they don’t look like they belong.


I thought Christopher Robin was pretty decent. :)


What’s weird is that there is already an excellent live action genie in the Aladdin musical:

No VFX. Just an awesome performer who completely sold the role.


I rewatched recently all Guy Ritchie movies, from Lock Stock to Uncle and King Arthur and I enjoyed all of them, really all of them. I can’t imagine that he is doing a boring movie, I just can’t. But maybe Disney will manage to pull that off… on a side note: Uncle felt like what if Wes Anderson did a spy movie. So precise and attention to every detail. I hope they make a sequel


Even Swept Away? :B


uh, yeah, that’s … a Madonna movie? strange, never heard of it. So there is a chance that Aladdin will suck, got it.



My work has nothing at all to do with movies or special effects, and yet I still feel that person’s pain.


Yeah. I mean, is there even a way to make CGI Will Smith as a blue genie not uncanny valley? It’s just a bad decision. Just make the genie a guy. Some things in animation don’t translate. As @LMN8R noted above, they had an actor as a perfectly fine rendition of the genie in the stage version.


I really doubt that turning Will Smith into a blue genie that doesn’t look like garbage is the holy grail of special effects work.


I actually enjoy the Disney Live Action run, but I’m not really a fan of the blue Smith approach here. I mean, rather not have him blue if that’s all they’re going to do.


I guess? I’m just trying to envision a good interpretation of this, and I’m having a hard time. I suppose Thanos is the benchmark (stylized CGI character that retains the actor’s features). Maybe the genie’s face is too recognizable?

Just seems like a bad decision. It would have been interesting if they had actually gone against expectations for the physicality of the character. Just make it a (live action) dude who embodies a big personality.


You can get away with that on Broadway, but not so much in a Hollywood movie. I think the problem is in the execution of the graphics on Will Smith’s genie. It’s just not good CGI with the face not being a good match for the body they gave him. Hopefully they are still able to fix it up for the final product.