Aladdin live action movie from Disney and Guy Ritchie


I agree with your opinion on Thor 2, and now I’m enjoying your posted song. This is getting awkward.


This looks so much, much better than the previous attempt. I didn’t think it was terrible, but fundamentally, I didn’t feel like Beauty and the Beast worked as a live-action movie. Aladdin might be a better fit for that, because at heart it’s comedy, which translates a lot better to the kind of vfx extravaganza this will need to be. Cautiously optimistic.


Well that is much better than the other one but I’m still over the live action remakes. Ill rent them later or stream them when available.


I’m disappointed that, aside from Malificent, they’ve basically been straight retelling a of the animated movies. No POV or story shifts to justify.


I am wondering if Tim Burton is gonna mix up Dumbo a bit, I mean he always adds his touch to his films, so I am cautiously optimistic about seeing it.


Hopefully starting with dropping the racist caricatures bits.


Hopefully the lsd trip is still in.