Aladdin live action movie from Disney and Guy Ritchie

I agree with your opinion on Thor 2, and now I’m enjoying your posted song. This is getting awkward.

This looks so much, much better than the previous attempt. I didn’t think it was terrible, but fundamentally, I didn’t feel like Beauty and the Beast worked as a live-action movie. Aladdin might be a better fit for that, because at heart it’s comedy, which translates a lot better to the kind of vfx extravaganza this will need to be. Cautiously optimistic.

Well that is much better than the other one but I’m still over the live action remakes. Ill rent them later or stream them when available.

I’m disappointed that, aside from Malificent, they’ve basically been straight retelling a of the animated movies. No POV or story shifts to justify.

I am wondering if Tim Burton is gonna mix up Dumbo a bit, I mean he always adds his touch to his films, so I am cautiously optimistic about seeing it.

Hopefully starting with dropping the racist caricatures bits.

Hopefully the lsd trip is still in.

anyone can recommend it? I want to go because Guy Ritchie, but not if it is terrible, because Disney…

Rotten tomatoes says 58% positive reviews. Until your post, I didn’t even realize the movie was already out.

thanks, my struggle is if it has enough Ritchie in it. King Arthur had a lof of it, and I loved it. Fast paced dialogues, back and forth flashback cutting and so on. I just don’t know if he could do it within a Disney license…



Two different couple friends really liked. I haven’t seen it yet. I can’t think of a live action remake from Disney I actually liked. At best I didn’t mind some.

Saw it with the kids today. Very strange film. It felt small and at times very TVish, but other times it was extravagant and fun. The new song of female empowerment was odd and not very good I thought, but that plotline (only a few scenes really) was a bit more subtle (mostly) and really worked outside of the song. Some scenes were read as though at script runthru and felt flat. Others were pretty well done and professional. Blue Will was bloaty and strange. Regular Will was reasonably charming. Though I thought his voice was a little weak compared to what I recall of the original. It ends up being very middle of the road.

Sounds like a Disney live action remake.

Somehow I missed that Guy Ritchie was involved. I may see this now.

I’m not sure what a ‘Guy Ritchie’ film really is, but there was nothing in this that was more than workmanlike. It was pretty much a straight retelling of Aladdin with a small girl-power subplot tossed in (that actually worked mostly). Is the weird film speed slowdown/speed up that happened 3 or 4 times in the first 10 minutes but was then totally forgotten until the last 5 minutes a Guy Ritchie thing? Cuz that sure was a…choice.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Sherlock Holmes 1&2, etc. He has a unique style, as Tarantino does.

Ah, ok. I remember LStSB but never saw Snatch. Both Sherlocks were enjoyable and I recall having a certain style. Aladdin could have been made by Anyone McAnybody. Or a stapler. I wouldn’t say it had any specific point of view or style. Except the few weird slowdown/speed ups at the very beginning and end of the film.

I enjoyed the remake of the Jungle Book.

Is this the same quality?

Didn’t see that, but simply based on the trailers of JB it looks like a film. Aladdin doesn’t far too often.

EDIT: Not sure that even I understand what I was saying. Hehe.

JB’s trailers show an actual film that feels like a story within a larger world. Aladdin feels like a small back lot TV production far too often. Partly due to the look of it and partly due to the acting. Both of which is at times good, but not always.