Alan Au in DC!

Alan will be in DC the weekend of the 21st and, since there was a nice showing for Fire, I was thinking about taking Alan to a local pub and sending him to his conference with a hangover.

Anyone else want to help?


Is Alan going to the Serious Games Summit? Isn’t that on that weekend?

Whoops… got my dates mixed up. It’s Oct. 31-Nov.2. :)


No, it’s a medical thing. A real job deal.

The Serious Games thing is Oct 31/Nov 1. (I was going to go, but I have a job now…)


I’d like to come down that way sometime for a Qt3 gathering but this is a little short notice. Xaroc and Fuzzyslug are in the DC area too.


Yeah, there’s a bunch of us. Hence the invitation to get Alan hammered.

Love to see you down here sometime. I’m sure we can find an excuse.

I doubt I’d ever have a reason to go to Reading. Unless I need to buy a railroad or something.


The railroad left years ago. :(

I’m sure I can round up Cathcart for a road trip sometime and I imagine extarbags would tag along too if we did a Philly meets DC gathering. We’ll set it up sometime. Maybe we can get Big Huge Games to sponsor it. :D

BTW, I’ve been reading your blog. Good stuff!



But back on topic. This thread is about Alan and his alcohol tolerance.


Yeah I’d go to DC for a thing, but I can’t that weekend. I have a wedding to go to.




Any relation to Obiwan ?

I’m down for it, and the first round is on me!

Will Alan’s brother James Wagner Au be there?


Actually, I’m in PA now, although I still work in the DC area a few days a week. My new home might be reasonably well located for a Reading/Baltimore/DC get together sometime in the future, if folks are ever interested in such a thing.

Any chance that this pub visit take place during the week? I’m more likely to come by if I’m already in the area.

If he comes and starts talking about Second Life, we’re ditching him and moving to another bar.

In another state.


Who’s Will Alan? And how do you pronounce ‘Au’?

Ah, fuzzyslug, we hardly knew ye…

If most folks are coming from non-Confederate parts of the DC area, we could do something up towards Bal’mer. I’ll be coming from Alexandria, but I can make that sacrifice.

On the other hand, the Brickskellar calls from DC…

I am stuck in downtown DC for the forseeable future so anywhere metro accessable is ok with me during the week. On weekends I would prefer something outside of DC on the Maryland side Baltimore is good as well.

– Xaroc

Don’t ask him in person. He’ll kick you in the shins and say “That’s how!”