Alan Au in DC!


  • Alan

So who’s in for sure? Do you guys have a time/place in mind?

  • Alan

That depends on where you will be, Alan. I’m a Maryland suburb guy, Aleck a Virginia suburban and you…who knows.

Let us know your plans and we can look for something we can all get to fairly easily.


I’m suburban VA, I’ll happily show up for this.

I’m definitely in, but we need to set a time/place pretty soon. I can do either the 21st or 22nd – a late afternoon/early evening thing would be best for me. Hell, I might be able to do the 23rd, too. I’m fine with anywhere in the greater DC area.

I was thinking 21st. Probably downtown somewhere.

Brickskellars is a nice idea, but a little pricey. Still, the selection can’t be beat.

Anyone care to recommend a decent spot?


You’ll have to forgive my lousy memory, but wasn’t there a guy posting here for a while who managed a restaurant/bar somewhere in the greater DC area?

EDIT: it was Triggercut. Paging Triggercut…

I had to shuffle my schedul e around a bit. Can people make it on Sat. the 22nd? I’m pretty flexible on location, as long as I can get to it pretty handily via public transit. We can try for lunch or dinner, or even something less “formal” if people prefer.

  • Alan

Saturday the 22nd works for me. I can rejig what I was going to do.

So…Where and when?

Lunch is good.


I don’t actually know the area very well. Where did you go last time?

  • Alan

I can make lunch work.

How about someplace downtown, like John Harvard’s or the restaurant up at the top of the Washington Hotel?


John Harvard’s should be fine. Centrally located, only a half mile stroll from Archives Metro. Opens at noon on Saturdays.

So we are thinking 12:30ish? 1?


Sounds good to me. Let’s say 12:30 at John Harvard’s. If you PM me your phone number, I’ll try and give you a call Sat. morning.

  • Alan

So, besides Alan, Aleck, and Troy, who all is coming? You going to be able to make it Mike?

Incidentally: Washington Post review of John Harvard’s, along with link to map and address info.

Looking forward to seeing you all at 12:30.

Great, see you guys Saturday!

  • Alan

Thanks guys, that was fun!

  • Alan