Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World

Maybe this is well known and I’m just now getting around to it but I have very happily come across what seems to be a complete archive of Alan Lomax’s recordings online. This is an almost overwhelming wealth of great history and I urge anyone with even a passing interest in musical folklore to take a look and listen. Enjoy.

I think Lomax is well-known in music history and folk circles, but the upload of all of his stuff is new. Over 17,000 files! It includes full outtakes and the first and only recordings of some songs. Good stuff.

This was the story today on the radio:

Yeah, Lomax and his work is well-known and well-established. The availability of the Lomax archives online is brand new and has been in heavy rotation today.

I read about this months ago and I’ve been really looking forward to hearing this stuff. Unfortunately, most of the listed recordings on the site are still missing. How hard is it to make some mp3s? Sheesh…

I recommend his collection of Scottish children’s songs!