Alan Moore NY Times interview

Interview with the man himself. Nothing particularly earth-shattering, the article provides a nice summation of Moore’s history of troubles with DC - although I noticed they refer to Kevin O’Neill as “John”. Clearly, checking the name of the artist on the front cover of League Of Extrodinary Gentlemen was too much of a bother.

The article does, however, contain this fantastic Moore snippet, referencing the ridiculous plagarism court case brought against the film version of League:

Mr. Moore found the accusations deeply insulting, and the 10 hours of testimony he was compelled to give, via video link, even more so. “If I had raped and murdered a schoolbus full of retarded children after selling them heroin,” he said, “I doubt that I would have been cross-examined for 10 hours.”

Sign me up for this!

This summer, Mr. Moore said, Top Shelf will also be publishing “Lost Girls,” his 16-years-in-the-making collaboration with Ms. Gebbie, a series of unrepentantly pornographic adventures told by the grown-up incarnations of Wendy Darling of “Peter Pan,” Alice of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and Dorothy Gale of “The Wizard of Oz.” “I refuse to call it erotica, because that just sounds like pornography for people who’ve got more money,” Mr. Moore said. “It would seem to be possible to come up with a kind of pornography that was meaningful and beautiful, not ugly.”

Stupid New York Times supscriptions.

I used the Firefox BugMeNot! plugin, but I think there’s a QT3 login for the Times - QT3 / QT3, perhaps?

This was a very good article - by way of comparison, the Boston Globe, usually a very good paper, ran an article that doesn’t even quote Alan Moore directly:

It leaves you with the impression that Moore’s just some perfectionist idiot, and really leaves out the misrepresention stuff that was key in the NYT article.

Final score NYT: 1, Boston Globe: 0