Alas, Mininova

Yeah, and with mid-season breaks in the US (which you typically don’t get in the UK/Ireland) you often end up with shows going out maybe a few days or a week later than they do in the US.

Of course, Ireland is a bit further behind the curve when it comes to these types of service presumably because we’re a smaller market.

The barrier has only gotten lower - pirating used to be all behind closed doors. If you look at the history of pirating it’s gone from home run BBS’s off private phone numbers to newsgroups, IRCbots, Napster, Gnutella, and now Bittorrent. Other than Napster, all of those are still fully available as well.

Not that it’s not worth fighting it, but thinking that taking down Mininova or TPB is some serious blow is both short sighted and wrong.